Bald Mountain: door to alien worlds

March 20, 2012 15:52


In one of the Kiev newspaper published an article Raokrioma (with his travel notes on a pilgrimage to the holy places of Spain readers "TD" recently had the opportunity to meet) and Rati — "The Mystery of the 13th of Thunder." It talks about the mystical mysteries associated with one of the most famous Ukrainian places "power" — Kiev Bald Mountain.

Here, according to the authors, there is an unseen battle between the forces of darkness and the thirteenth of thunder. According to the ancient traditions of magic, thunder and lightning — independent beings. Thirteenth Thunder subservient Archangel of Death, acting under the ground, revealing its secrets, and changing the favorable adverse forces.

According to Raokrioma and Rati, all peoples inhabiting the territory of modern Ukraine — Aratta, the Scythians, Cimmerians, Slavs, — used Bald Mountain as a mystical ritual center. It was her sanctuary were built with temples and statues of the gods. Admirers of ancient Slavic faith also performed rituals for worship of the gods atop Bald Mountain. At that time it was decorated altar and statues, which had as a ritual and cosmographical value. That priests Slavs did here first underground passages. In their secret dungeons they kept the sacred books, secret signs and precious relics.

Centuries passed, and on Bald Mountain came Orthodox monks, who also performed their penance and prayer in the lap of nature. They expanded the ancient cave and created a real underground city monastery, underground passages connecting the mountain from the Caves.

All the while, the Bald Mountain was first a pagan shrine, and then the Orthodox religion, help believers spiritually connect with the light forces.

But the time has come, and there was a transformation of the ancient mystical center. The Holy Mountain has evolved into a place due to the diabolical forces. This change is due to the many times repeated killing of thousands of people that took place in its dungeons, desecrated Slavic and Christian shrine and opened access to Bald Mountain evil spirits.

Since the beginning of the Mongol invasion Bald Mountain, overlooking the adjacent plains, has become one of the outposts guarding the capital city Kiev. It is with this its function associated with numerous deaths, committed on the mountain and changed its ritual significance. The first tragedy occurred when the soldiers of Batu Khan captured Kiev. Residents of the city have found salvation from the robberies and murders in Zverynets Kitaevskaya and caves. According to the scientist Dmitry Lavrov, Batu Khan, not to leave behind enemy lines, he ordered the cave wall up. A lot of people died, and it was their terrible death and restless souls for the first time strongly influenced the nature of the energy area Bald Mountain …

But not only the invaders committed the massacres of civilians in the dungeons Bald Mountain. During the reign of Peter I started the confrontation of the Russian Emperor and the Swedish King Charles XII. Was built on the mountain at the time modern fortress, which became one of the most important elements of the outer ring of defense Kiev. Inside the mountain were built huge underground tank in which water is pumped from the Dnieper. In the case of capture by the enemy fortress its dungeons can be quickly found themselves flooded with them the enemy. But this trap could work only under the strictest secrecy structures. Therefore, by order of His Highness Prince Menshikov serfs, constructing reservoirs, "just in case left alive in the pits." There were about three thousand people.

In the 60 years of the XIX century in the Russian Defense Ministry plan was developed to cover the whole of the Russian Empire, a network of fortified towns. Kiev was to become one of the old city. Special attention was paid to the construction of a fort on Bald Mountain.

The works began in 1872 under the leadership of General Eduard Ivanovich Totleben. Translated from the German his name literally means Smertolyubov. Once completed, the fort is a complex system almost impregnable bastions ravelins, retrenchment and other military installations. The fortress was held in the strictest confidence: those who will open his opponent, in time of peace threatened to exile in Siberia, and in wartime — shot.

Since its creation on Bald Mountain is a military fortress into a place of gathering evil forces. Something strange, frightening came through here from the depths of the earth. It is no accident that in the so-called Vedmanskom ravine began to gather fans of Satan in their black mass. Bald Mountain finally turned into the devil's place.

During the Russian Empire fortress commandant gave a peculiar statement: before going to guard officer must warn the soldier, so he did not hesitate to unexplained noises — the only wind and the cries of night birds … But I think the commander of the fortress was wrong. Something terrible happened in the dungeons on Bald Mountain.

Confirmation that the Bald Mountain is a bioactive zone of enormous power, it can serve as a survey by the geophysicist, the former head of a specialized dowsing party at the Ministry of Geology Basil Stetsenko.

"A few people have climbed the mountain, — said V. Stetsenko. — With both hands I held dowsing rods. Suddenly feel that your fingers cramp, I was just beginning to shake badly, I can not let go! Shouted to them — knock out the frame of the hands at once! "

Geophysicist sure near Bald Mountain is the most powerful geopathic zone in Kiev. It stretches from the mountains on the edge of the Central Botanical Garden, on the hills, where the Museum of the Great Patriotic War, and the leaves on the Dnieper left bank.

Now back to the beginning, to the thirteen thunder. It is a mystical creature that seems to operate under the ground, revealing its secrets and tinkering with the adverse forces on favorable. Especially important is the activity of the Thunder in the dungeons of the Thirteenth Bald Mountain. Her ritual area allows Thirteenth Thunder exercise real influence on any point on the globe. And the effect, carried out by the diabolical place with a generating capacity could result in the death of humanity.

Raokriom and Rati give an answer why this happened.

Obukhov on the track immediately after departure from Kiev, in the hills of the Free Farm is an ancient underground monastery, whose existence was only recently discovered by historians. According Raokrioma and Rati, private expeditions, studying the strange underground labyrinth monastery and found there are a lot of interesting things. The monastery consists of hundreds of vertical shafts and horizontal passages and underground rooms. On the walls are remains of frescoes. And often they represent very strange, literally heavenly beings: ghosts, like a man who threw down a sheet and painted on the phosphorus, burning eyes, and amazing square creatures with huge eyes. The researchers found in underground hiding places and ancient chronicles. They, for example, had written that "the Orthodox Church opened the secret of" ghosts ", and church leaders ordered the construction of an underground monastery, which would have been completely isolated from the outside world. And never a monk did not leave the dungeon. "

So what do the brothers of the monastery, and how can we explain the secrecy around underground monks? Interested in the process of initiation into the community. Initiate forced to go through the dark go, and walked along the upper course of the abbot. At the point where the two vertical wells connected stroke, Rector put your hand and choked the initiate. The novice was a master, not to succumb to fear and start acting. If he fails the test, then immediately receive breaking hearts.

Why monk so prepared? That he had met in the dungeons? And in the ducts that connect the underground monasteries of Kiev and forming a huge, hidden to most people in the city, there is definitely something hostile people.

And a proof of this — people with the gift of clairvoyance, speaking of the monastery, located in the hills of the Free Farm, say that "see" where the black ball with eyes, who overhears them and trying to break through the protective field.

The authors of "Thirteenth Thunder" gives the following explanation of secrecy, strange rituals and strange visions of clairvoyants:

"Even in the book of Daniel Andreev" Rose of the World "is clearly insisted that demonic creatures from hell can easily jump to a three-dimensional physical space, especially in the dungeons deep underground. Such is the function was performed by monks — they tried to keep hell. "



Underground monastery in the hills of the Free Farm no longer exists. But the secret community of monks remained, just became more careful to hide their existence. Perhaps the secret activities of the community and you can and explain that all known Bald Mountain, both as a "window" to other, sometimes hostile people worlds and the point from which "you can manage events on the planet" is not provided, and are not adversely affected on humanity.

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