Battle of civilizations with Igor Prokopenko (13 films) watch online

Battle of civilizations with Igor Prokopenko (13 films) watch online
We will talk about the most unspeakable mysteries of the tree of stories and that is our universe. Is there at least one real evidence of the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations and the more distant future threat to us? Almost all of what you are about to hear will be the first time …

1 — The truth about Mars

"Is there life on Mars, if there is life on Mars, this science is not clear, "this catch phrase, uttered one of the characters of the famous rezanovskogo movie" Carnival Night ", many years ago, but now science knows exactly life on Mars. The question is, is there on Mars intelligent life forms?

2 — Lofty lurking in November

According to the textbook history, man came from monkeys, but the world-renowned paleontologist France Wagen Rex, even in the middle of the last century, has put forward a sensational conjecture that homo sapiens, is a direct descendant of the prehistoric giants. It is surprising, but the evidence to show the majestic huge amount. But the more interesting of all — archaeological finds, here we are on them at the moment and we'll see.

3. Underwater mind

Who inhabit the underwater expanses of the planet, is building a multi-kilometer thick layer of water — the palaces, dazzling beauty, scares underwater explorers — monsters haunt on alert — nuclear submarines. Now scientists are on the verge of clues kept secret, but the most profound in the world — the Mariana Trench, but if a person is willing to do with what he may face at a depth of 11 thousand meters.

4. Planetka monkeys.

All monkeys possess the rudiments of abstract and logical thinking, and the means can become intelligent creatures. Some researchers justify: Millions of years ago, specifically monkeys dominated the world, and the people were with them in the manual. For whatever reason, these creatures have lost their power? Can planetka people once again become the planet apes?

5 — The antics of death

The project, which You currently away; sends us in the future, but completely real future. Scientists predict that it will catch just our grandchildren who will live not understand how a happier, well, certainly longer us.
Lechuschee tool that can extend life human almost twice become available within five years. This is absolutely not so long ago, said scientists from the Institute of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia.

6. Starship for pharaohs

In the vaults of museums and private collections there is exhibits that technology would not have been produced on Earth. In ancient times, people believed that these items are brought to earth by the gods. Whom our forefathers thought to be gods? Why do we not now subservient to technology owned by the creators of the relics?

7. Virgin Old Russia.

Recent scientific discoveries make it possible to knit a look at the pre-Christian Russia. The culture of the Slavs, including erotic, has been riddled with romance and beauty …

8. Pyramids. Funnel time.

Is it true that being inside the pyramid, people remember past lives and behold the future? Scientists came up very tightly to the solution of this paradox. The pyramids were built in non-random locations and have a fully defined meaning …

9. UFO. A special dossier.

Special forces of any country is compiling files on people who beheld UFO or say they have had contact with aliens. Are all the witnesses fall into the hidden list?

10 Galactic scouts.

UFOs often occur in areas of hostilities and where have guns. For what purpose unidentified flying objects are there your observations?

11 Shadow underwater rulers.

Who inhabited Atlantis? Is it true that its surviving inhabitants moved to the colony on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea? Recent sensational scientific discoveries will shed light on these lurking …

12 — Komplot gods.

Our forefathers believed that Land lies on the shell of a huge turtle … With the development of science revealed that the population of the earth exists in space. And not so long ago, scientists have put forward the latest theory: the whole world — a hologram! And we — less than computer programs from …

13 Adore the proletarian.

Not many people know that the 3rd congress of the RSDLP, Trotsky gets party mission: to create the latest "theory of gender relations", and introduces Kermit Lenil in rebellion emotion. Declassified sources show that in June the 17th dog, was an attempt to organize a demonstration of naked activists and activists, under the slogan: "Down with shame." )

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