BBC film crew were arrested for shooting in the ZONE-51

October 11, 2012 23:02

BBC film crew working on the film "UFOs — conspiracy continues" in full strength of 12 people had been arrested men armed with machine guns. During the 3 hours they were forced to lie on the ground at gunpoint. Their documents, things out of his pockets and cell phones were confiscated by FBI agents.

The crew attempted to penetrate the perimeter of the forbidden, but then there were armed agents and put all to the ground at gunpoint.

BBC journalists were investigating and filmed material of the "Area 51" where it is believed crashed alien aircraft in 1947 (Roswell). Journalists have also planned a night shooting in the area in the hope of taking off from the base to detect UFOs.

When the team arrived at the forbidden lines she had met with no escort and standing for 30 minutes at the border of the exclusion zone, decided to cross over it.

After a few meters, they tried to call the guards shouting, but in the buildings was empty. They rented the building and the surrounding area for another half an hour and even danced hoping to attract the attention of this, but no one came.

In one of the buildings, journalists saw a group of guards who had dinner and watched television without paying attention to what is happening around. Then it was decided to knock on the Protection of the window and thereby attract their attention. And, when they knocked on — very sorry about this.

Armed soldiers rattled the gates quickly laid all face down, searched and confiscated all the property including cameras. 3:00 they spent on the ground until the FBI arrived. After the trials he returned the property and was fined $ 375 on each.

Of the incident was so severe that the U.S. authorities have informed the British authorities about the incident that 12 citizens of England tried to get to the secret object. And it is not just an object, while the super-secret and super-protected in the United States. In addition to the fine all detainees threatened with imprisonment for a term of 6 months. Fortunately they managed to avoid prison.

Written warning issued by each of the 12 detained all this time journalists were in the same place where they were detained. The clock was already 11 at night, and talks about their fate still ongoing. Guard base directly threatened crew, saying that they should be grateful that all that happened. Guards could shoot them at detection and no one would ever know what happened to them. It should be noted that at the time of arrest, the number of armed guards was at least 20 people, including helicopters "Apache" circling over the place of detention. According to the guard, helicopter recorded the moment of crossing the perimeter of the escort team from a distance of several kilometers, and the security was alerted and waited for take violators forbidden perimeter. Just slip one of the men in the land of forbidden line are seismic sensor detects any shake soil as perimeter exclusion zone has a length that protect all high and protected by fences impossible.

At 11:30 pm the group boarded the bus and drove to the city Alam (Nevada). Camcorders journalists have not returned (they were taken away by FBI agents) and vehicles unmarked conducted surveillance of the hotel in which they were located.

Area-51 carefully keeps its secrets, and the truth is still hidden behind lock and key …

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