Belarus on the verge of social tension

In Belarus, possible sharp rise in unemployment and the emergence of social tension in the preservation of the existing situation on the currency market, the director of the Research Institute of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of Belarus Svetlana Shevchenko.

"The sharp rise in unemployment is possible, if not addressed the most important issue to date — the creation of conditions for the free convertibility of the Belarusian ruble," — said S.Shavchenka agency "Interfax-West". On the other hand, she said: "It depends what kind of unemployment to have a conversation — an official or hidden."

She also believes that "this issue need to be addressed during May, otherwise the situation could develop into a stage of social tension. "" I think the government is aware of the problem and is actively involved in her decision, "- added the expert.

Commenting voiced by the head of the National Statistics Committee Vladimir Zinovsky information that the recent 600 thousand workers were forced to temporarily suspend their work S.Shavchenki said: "Most likely, it all happened in the month of April.

Problems in the foreign exchange market led to a lack of items of work and, consequently, a lack of employment results. In this situation, the employer can not keep employees who are not doing anything. "In her estimation, this state employees still can be classified as" involuntary part-time employment ", as the direct jobs are saved, people going on vacation at his own expense."

S. Shevchenko believes that conservation in the foreign exchange market only exacerbate the problem of employment. "The problem is compounded by the fact that in this situation narrows the range of organizations that are willing to provide jobs. For example, problems with employment in manufacturing lead to similar problems in the trade. All sectors of the economy are closely linked, and solve the problem will be very difficult without a permit free purchase of foreign currency. "

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