BelarusBank will sell the currency for social purposes at a time

The National Bank of Belarus requested the largest Belarusian bank JSC "Belarusbank" sell to individuals cash foreign currency for social purposes in order of priority, according to the Head of Information — spokesman for the National Bank Anatoly Drozdov.

"National Bank on April 27 sent a" Belarusbank "letter in accordance with which this bank is not allowed to sell directly purchased in the exchange foreign currency at border crossings. These currency funds will be concentrated and directed to socially significant costs for our citizens abroad to treatment, school fees and living expenses of students leaving due to illness or death of relatives and other purposes, "- said A. Drozdov. "Currency for these purposes must be sold to citizens on the basis of their applications. Particular order of sale of foreign currency, in the framework of this order," Belarusbank "define yourself" — he added.

In the "Belarusbank" confirmed that preparations are underway for the corresponding local regulation of the bank.

According to a representative of the bank, it is expected that they will define clear criteria cash sale of foreign exchange for socially important needs. Thus the phrase "and other objects" in the document will not.

The bank also plans to set limits on the sale, depending on the purpose of the acquisition currency. Applications will be reviewed in order of priority and their satisfaction will be based on the amount of funds available for sale.

The main criterion for deciding on the sale of currency will be the validity and accuracy of the documents submitted by the applicant. The bank also state that decisions will be guided by clear legal definitions, such as the application for leave due to the serious illness of relatives. "With a cold overseas relatives, of course, the application will not be satisfied. Basis for the purchase of currency in the" Belarusbank "In particular, it will be a serious illness of relatives, by the definition of legally gets a clear list of diagnoses," — said the representative of the bank.

On He said, final decision of an extraordinary sale of foreign currency on the basis of submitted applications will be taken collectively at a meeting of the finance committee "BBK".

The bank also reported that a request for an extraordinary purchase currency at a rate that does not more than 2% higher than the official rate of the National Bank, can be file and in the regional offices "BBK", but the decision will be taken by its central office.

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