Between Ulyanovsk and Kazan running rail bus

The new route length of 246 km. "Ulyanovsk-Kazan" was opened on the eve of the 175th anniversary of the Russian Railways on July 13.

Rail bus RA-2 production, "Metrovagonmash" (Mytischi, Moscow region). Trehvagonnom in design, with soft seats for passengers comfortable travel for up to 600 seats, "Ulyanovsk — Cilnius — Bois — Kazan, Kazan — Bois — Cilnius — Ulyanovsk "will run daily. Passengers of the composition of the road will take a little over 5 hours. The cost of travel to Kazan will be 228 rubles for children from 5 to 7 years — 57 rubles for children up to 5 years — free of charge (for comparison on the bus — 453 rubles).

New rolling stock meets all modern requirements for comfort and safety. Salons rail bus equipped with a means of fire and sanitary safety. Head cars rail bus equipped with vacuum-type toilets. For the convenience of informing passengers cars are equipped with information and negotiation system, the cabin is placarded. Tambura cars are equipped with reclining sliding doors, each of which is controlled individually. There is a pull-out step for planting with low platforms. Inter-vehicle crossings are safe and tight.

Due to its cost rail buses are gradually replacing the traditional passenger trains. Thanks to the established diesel engine company 'Mercedes' fuel rail bus is only 30-35 liters of fuel per 100 km (mainline diesel fuel requires 5 times more). Rolling stock includes 222 seats (total capacity of 590 people), and can travel about 800 kilometers without refueling. Cockpit controls rail bus equipped with everything necessary for a safe and comfortable work drivers (improved insulation, the availability of modern security systems and controls, air conditioning).

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