Black Blood of the earth

Passion for finding the saving pills, magic wand, the philosopher's stone, which in one fell swoop will cure all our ills and eliminate problems playing dirty tricks with us. All my heart believe in another panacea, we once again disappointed and — scrap that ancestors found, studied and used for thousands of years. They had nowhere to hurry — and we submit all at once, and "all in one"!

Magic balm

In memory, the same fate suffered by mummies. For millennia, the tool known and successfully used traditional medicine, then it suddenly "discovered" in the twentieth century, and began to treat the "magic resin" everything — from toothache to delirium tremens. Immediately formed an incredible number of "experts", who had learned all the secrets of balm, spread the most incredible legends about its medicinal properties and origins. Than our contemporaries with record speed and ruined the reputation of the old folk remedy.

But mummy — not only cure! Its history is closely intertwined with the history of mankind, and it still holds many secrets and mysteries …

How to revive a mummy?

The very name of the mummy is translated from Greek as "continuing body." It is very close to the Iranian name "mum" — "to defend the body." That's right: and preserves and protects. But everyone must have hit off the names of the mummy the mummy? And this, of course, no coincidence!

In Egypt, the mummy was used for mummification of bodies of the pharaohs. Moreover, it is not just reserved unto the mortal remains of the rulers, but retained in the bodies of the dead some life! The Museum of Antiquities of Berlin kept the embalmed body of the Egyptian year-old prince, who died about two and a half thousand years ago. So, mummy prince once sent for restoration to Sweden in Uppsala — and the scientists found that the mummy … is showing signs of life!

Prince of the left calf was recovered a few cells that are isolated DNA. In the resulting DNA fragment was introduced coliform bacteria — and those like nothing had happened, began to share, recreating each generation backup of the plasmids, each of which contained a DNA fragment of the mummy. Therefore, for two and a half thousand years of "sleep" DNA does not lose its function, some part of his Prince's alive! And you can "revive" finally: should extract the DNA molecule from the cell Mummy, transplanted it into the egg, enucleated, and enter this in the womb of the modern woman. Here's what can mummy!

Exactly when people found out the secrets of mummies is unknown. After all, the Egyptians themselves have learned to use it to treat and embalming dead bodies, but only took over the art of the Persians, at the dawn of the Zoroastrian era mummy and have been used successfully for the living and for the dead. After the capture of Egypt by the Arabs in 639 AD once mummified bodies were "secondary treatment": with these scraped mummy for sale … suffering to cure their ailments.

History and geography

Despite such a long acquaintance, mankind still knows little about the origin of the mummy. Poetic name of this ancient healing balm. In Tibet, the mummy was called "barg-shun" (juice of the rocks), Burma — "Chao-tong" (Blood Mountain), the Arabs call it an oracle-dzhtbol (mountain sweat), and the inhabitants of the Altai — barahshin (naphtha). Blood, sweat, juice, butter mountains — our ancestors thought that the earth itself expels mummy, and not in the world did this mystical generation Healing of Mother Nature. That heal and strengthen the power of children of the Earth, as no blood matriarch, her life-giving juice? ..

Location is actually taken mummy? It is found in the caves in the rocky "cavity": mummy runs down the walls, accumulates in crevices. That's according to one of the researchers and the miners: "The caves mummy found as incrustations on rocks, icicles, sometimes mummy vault of the cave like a shiny black glaze, but the most convenient place for the extraction of the mummy is the accumulation (apologize for naturalism!) Local litter rodents, pikas. Itself droppings — over dried into a porous mass of weightless — a mummy has nothing to do, but at the time of its formation dense solution mummy, emerging from the rock, soaked like a sponge, a conglomerate balls litter and finally lost moisture froze on forever. "

According to one version of modern scientific, mummy is formed in the bowels of the planet, "This is an organic mineral substances released by faults, — says biologist L. Rybchenko. — Its source is directly connected with the mantle of the Earth. There is speculation that the mummy — it protoneft. "

In favor of the "earthly" mummy origin is the fact that it is found only in mountainous areas with high tectonic activity: that is, his education promotes deep emission. The age of the oldest mummy found samples determined by the radiocarbon method, — 15 thousand years.

Resin tablets

In contrast to the origin of the mummy, still remains a mystery, the composition and therapeutic properties of the "blood of the mountains" well studied. It found up to 30 chemical elements, including essential oils, bee venom, resinous substances, each of which can affect the metabolism, enhance the regenerative processes in the body.

However, the chemical formula — not all. Little did the world of powerful natural medicine! But mummy our ancestors called the blood of the earth …

Vitaly elbows


Nourishing Facial Mask

2 g mummy dissolve a teaspoon of water, add 20 ml. 15% cream-tion (if the skin is oily, you can use milk), add a teaspoon of honey, raw egg yolk (for oily skin is best to use a protein), mix well and apply on the skin for 30 minutes. Wash off tepoy water. Apply once a week.

Mask to soften and nourish the skin

A small number of mummies in broth diluted chamomile to the state rather thin cream. Apply to face, neck and chest and hold for 20 minutes. Rinse with cool water.

Purifying Mask

In any cleansing cream jar (50 oz.) Add 5.8 g. mummy and leave the day-to mummy dissolved in the cream. You can use the mummy in tablets, but they must first be crushed. Apply the cream on the face for 20 minutes, rinse with cool water.

Mummy to strengthen hair

Dissolve 2.3 g of the mummy in the shampoo you used to enjoy. Shampoo slightly dark. Then apply the shampoo to the hair and leave on for 5-8 minutes. Rinse with warm water.

Dissolve 3 g mummy in half a glass of water and rub into the hair roots. 1,5-2 hours wash your hair with regular shampoo.

Pound 50 grams of cranberries or cranberry in a blender, add hot boiled water (not boiling), leave for 3-4 hours. This infusion dissolve 5 g. mummy and rub into the hair roots. After an hour wash your hair.

In a glass of lukewarm water with 50 g of honey and 5 g of mummies. Add a tablespoon of sea buckthorn juice or lemon. Rub into the hair roots, wrap your head with a towel or scarf. After 30-40 minutes, wash your hair.

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