Black humor our ancestors amused scientists

January 29, 2012 21:59

Akkadian inscriptions discovered more than 3.5 years of age, which are riddles. As it turned out, the ancient inhabitants of Mesopotamia were not averse to make fun of their rulers. Recently, scientists have been able to decipher a number of inscriptions on tablets written in Akkadian language that is more than 3.5 thousand years. Tex they remained incomplete, but several signs point to the fact that the author was likely inexperienced scribe, possibly a student, whose identity is unknown. Under assumptions of scholars, he lived somewhere in southern Mesopotamia in the Persian Gulf.

Research complicates the fact that the original was lost. We had a hard life signs, until 1976 it was exhibited at the Baghdad museum, but then in Iraq, began a series of wars, and during the last one, which came in 2003, the museum was looted. Fortunately, historian Jay baths Dijk, who visited in 1976, the museum in Baghdad, to copy this unique artifact. All text and became the basis for the study of two archaeologists Michael Strack of the University of Leipzig and Nathan Wasserman of the University of Jerusalem.

Scientists are very content of the records, so after they moved them. This proved to the puzzle. According to Wasserman, is a very rare genre, the ancient mysteries are not very common. And it was not the usual funny poems. They raised the topic of beer, politics, women, and in pretty rough shape. The author does not limit himself to the terms. The researchers noted the large amount of black humor in these interesting works of ancient wit.

For example, one of the mysteries that are unraveled Strack and Wasserman contained ridicule authority. Literally it is, "He put out the eyes — death overtook, he cut his throat — now you're dead. (Who is it?) ". The story is about the ruler, as he held court and determined the punishment for the offender. The researchers argue that the criticism of the authorities in the Akkadian texts occurs more than once, but had not seen it in the form of riddles. According to Wasserman, it's more frustration than criticism. However, there is also a mockery, an ancient example of political satire.

However, not all the puzzles are impregnated with such gallows humor. Among them were fervent, devoted to beer. Intoxicating drink by comparing with the "measuring vessel" that "staring at you." Were among the mysteries and lewd jokes, dedicated soldiers and girls. This anonymous author was far ahead Prutkov that only in the XIX century, observed that there are saying "a lot of examples that children resemble the officers."

It is worth noting the presence of metaphors in puzzles that are simply amazed scientists. For example, "high tower, but does not cast shadows," the answer to that is "Light." But for other puzzles will need to have a good logical thinking: "Like a fish in the pond, as the army of the king." Did not immediately understand that the answer is "broken bow." According to Wasserman, then you can follow this link, when the soldiers are constructed to the king, they do not fight and do not engage in the protection of the kingdom. Fish, located in the pond will not help the hungry. Broken Bow is also useless.

This unique discovery has shed light on the ancient literary works, it can be called primal Copyright genres.

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