Brussels: Global warming slows the rotation of the Earth




Belgian Royal Observatory scientists have concluded that global warming slows down the rotation of the Earth. Modeling of processes of global warming shows that the result will be the change in air pressure, speed and direction of atmospheric and oceanic currents and a number of factors, which together lead to a slowdown in the Earth's rotation by 11 microseconds for 10 years. Earth rotation rate and without uneven global warming and gradually decreases. The reason is the uneven movement of air masses in the atmosphere, the mass movement within the earth, the movement of water in rivers, soil temperature fluctuations, the seasonal changes of vegetation cover of the Earth, etc. In general, the Earth's rotation is gradually slowing down. This is the first discovered Halley in 1695. In general slowing of Earth's rotation caused by the tidal forces of friction. Secular slowing down due to the action of tides is 0.002 seconds for 100 years.

Battery News, 09:00 AM 10/01/2005
Source: CNN

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