Bulgaria and Romania can this year to join the Schengen area

European Parliament's Civil Liberties Committee overwhelmingly adopted a recommendation to accept Bulgaria and Romania to the Schengen area.

The recommendation will be put to the vote at the plenary session of the European Parliament, which will be held June 6-9, and the final decision rests with the Council of the EU, which is at the level of Ministers of Justice and Interior consider its June 9-10.

But after the decision will take some time for the actual opening of the borders. Committee members hope that this date will be approved before the end of 2011a.

Opinion of the committee is based on the reports on the status of these two countries. Members of the committee said that the European Parliament will need information about additional measures in the area of border between Bulgaria, Turkey and Greece, which would deal with the possible increase in migratory pressure.

Main condition for admission into the Schengen area — the country's ability to protect the external borders of the EU.

Before the EU Council at the ministerial level abolish passport controls at the borders between the current members of the Schengen countries and newcomers to be verified, as the latest fulfill the requirements of the Schengen Code (on the control of land, sea and air borders, visas, police cooperation, readiness to join Schengen information system and use it, data protection).

The members of the Committee, the remaining shortcomings do not constitute obstacles to Bulgaria and Romania in the Schengen area, but require attention.

"Are these two countries enter the Schengen area? My answer is — definitely "yes" … For some items, they are even better prepared than other members of the Schengen area, "- said the Rapporteur of the civil rights Carlos Coelho (Portugal).

He noted that These countries purchased the most modern, most efficient equipment for border control and documentation.

The concern of the committee is the border area between Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey, which is a weak point in terms of illegal immigration. Bulgaria should develop and implement a specific plan of additional measures in coordination with the border authorities of Turkey and Greece.

Schengen space open borders since 1995 has grown from five founding countries and 25 states. It includes the 22 EU member states and three associate members: Norway, Switzerland and Islyandyya. Soon to be associated Liechtenstein. The Schengen agreement covers a territory with a population of 400 million, which is 42 thousand 673 km. Marine and 7 thousand 721 km. land external borders.

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