Bulgaria has found two skeletons of vampires

The skeletons of two vampires found in Bulgaria near the town of Sozopol. An interesting discovery the director of the National History Museum Bozidar Dimitrov. Skeletons relating to the Middle Ages, spiked with pieces of iron.

The scientist explained that these skeletons are found in the past few years. They drank the blood of the owners of these skeletons is not known. The discovery of skeletons only confirms the existence of pagan beliefs on which the hearts were considered evil in the lives of people with an aspen stake pierced with an iron rod, or on the day of the funeral, said "Interfax".

In addition, in the tradition that has existed in the Bulgarian villages up until the first decade of the twentieth century, coffins evil villagers firmly nailed nails. This was done in order to prevent the dead wander at night, turning into a vampire.

Similar practices exist in other Balkan countries, including Serbia. Archaeologist Petar Balabanov in 2004 found six of these skeletons dating back to IV century.

The most famous legend of the vampire is associated with the Romanian Count Vlad Tepes. He planted his enemies on stakes before drinking their blood. It was Vlad the Impaler was the prototype of Count Dracula.

However, as British journalists have found, other than cinematographic there are real vampires. At least the people that fit the description of them. In the English outback journalists found the two boys with a rare hereditary disease — congenital dysplasia ektoderamalnoy gipogidroticheskoy. I found British children-sharp fangs and teeth, they do not like light. Because of a genetic malfunction people with this diagnosis simply are not able to sweat, so their body can not itself reduce the temperature. With prolonged exposure to sunlight burns the skin is covered.

Worldwide, patients with such a diagnosis, there are only 7,000 people. All patients have abnormalities of the skin, thinning hair, spots on the body and dark circles under the eyes, and degeneration of the teeth. More precisely, the teeth simply do not grow, and those that appear similar to the wolf's fangs.

Source: Vesti.Ru

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