Buy — in the bank pay — on the porch


Vitebsk Region

In Vitebsk bank foreign exchange transactions take place on the ticket, which gives a special machine. Those who hope to buy the currency at once by taking a few tickets for the exchange operations — one by one.

How they then use, said a resident of Vitebsk, who handed over the U.S. in Belarusbank:
"I am only now coming out of the bank. There wasand most of all, and I was refused to hand over the money here. But behind me a man came out and offered me his ticket queue. When I passed a foreign bill, he followed me, and it was acquired. "
The queues at bank branches large: they, sometimes, take the whole family, because everyone who gets dollars or euros, must once again become the last. According to official course people are very reluctant to hand over the currency, so even pay extra for it:
"Once one bank I observed this. People agree among themselves who donate currency, someone immediately buys it, and the difference between the official and unofficial rates people pay each other outside the bank."
"There may change or may select"
The difference between the courses of a substantial — about 600-700 rubles per dollar. Russian Ruble necessary Vitsebsk entrepreneur to buy from Russia a new product, people are willing to buy in the near Smolensk also Rudnia or unofficial rate — instead of 113 at 180-200 rubles per one Russian. Thus, "Black" rate nearly double, says the businesswoman Irina:
"At twice the price, at 80 percent, 70 more expensive currency speculators. This is not the money changers — is" good people. "
Irina posmevaetsya sarcastically, as with the "good people" in the Belarusian entrepreneurs have had unpleasant incidents where the money they have just taken. Complaining to the Russian police to no avail, since such an exchange — is illegal, and it is very risky:
"You're going there with the money, and there is" chaos. "Ibid who is sylikonu pumped a fist, then the force, he is a hero. Taken away, and no one really! And if our job was safe and not scary? Thanks "good people" that got killed, and the money — go earn more "…
In Russia you can run into a robbery or a police raid
Legal way to exchange Belarusian rubles on Russia in the near abroad is not: banks, "bunnies" do not accept or kanvertuyuts. And to drive the moneychangers Belarusian entrepreneurs already in twos or threes — to avoid robbery or a police raid.

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