By three days of standing in line to buy a $ 150



In Mogilev, the biggest turn-by-currency — a currency exchange at the railway station. In its 249 employees.
Works exchange office around the clock. At the window — used up more than half of the clerical magazine named chakalnikav. People are tired and taciturn. At the request of the journalist to talk about the self-organization of the queue responded the young lord and lady of advanced age.
Man: "We come at seven o'clock in the morning, adnachaemsya. About ten in the evening also adnachaemsya. Someone did not come — just cross out".
Woman: "For three days we stand to buy $ 150. Here we are with the first of the stand and have not bought anything."

Only 8 per night and person surrendered dollars, and for the currency in the queue — 250

Mr."Today for the night were only eight people, and is two hundred and fifty. Everything has been agreed that the course was 3800-3900, only it was all free. We stopped by here today to currency speculators — they rate was 4200, and that did not take" .
Mrs."Black Market", it turns out we employ, and the state does not work. "
Reporter: "You are here and spend the night? '.
Woman: "Of course."

In the evening, we've got cots, stools and all the rest

Man: "In the evening we've got cots, stools and all the rest"
Woman: "That's how our businesses operate. People who want to relax, go to the south. Improve the quality of their children."
Fifteen meters from the order queue guarded by two policemen. I ask, have conflicts:
Man: "It happens a lot. Sometimes there are fights. Comes and some say that the first stand here."
Woman: "Someone has to insult someone, pushing. Indeed, it is the people, and the people are very different."
We asked interviewees how much more, in their opinion, will continue currency crisis.
Woman: "This issue is not for us."
Man: "Most probably end now state than disperse the queue. Rather, it will be."

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