Calculate the distance from home to work, which is bad for your health

Some people spend half their lives on the road

Some people are willing to overcome daily long way from home to work. However, according to experts, it has a negative impact on human health. Moreover, it does not matter whether a person gets in his car or on public transport.

But if you get a foot or on a bicycle, it is not as critical state the staff of the University of Lund. They surveyed the state of 21,000 people aged 18-65 years, who are more than a week of 30 hours. They all get to work by car, metro or bus, walked or rode a bike, writes

The researchers compared the time that people spend in order to get a one-way, with the general health, including quality of sleep, fatigue and level of daily stress.

— It was found that people who use the car or public transport every day to experience more stress, less sleep and weary, — says Erik Hansson from the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Lund.

Moreover, the negative effect increases with the time that people spend on the road. Meanwhile, motorists who spend 30-60 minutes on the road, have the greatest health problems compared to those who spend more than an hour on the road.

U.S. scientists calculated the distance and from home to work, which is harmful to health. Thus, it appears that the distance from home to the office more than 13 km a negative impact on health. A distance of more than 25 km increases the risks to the limit: hypertension, atherosclerosis, hormonal disorders.

All logically explain physicians, because in the bus and the train you're sitting in traffic jams are nervous, and time for anything other than the road and work, you have no choice — no sports, no to sex, or even to sleep. Therefore, scientists advise to look for work closer to home.


How much time is spent Muscovite, getting to work?

Most Muscovites spend on the road to the place of work or study at least half (67%): 27% — from thirty minutes to one hour, 30% — up to six hours, and 8% report that they have such trips daily take up to two hours time, and 2% — or more. Only 4% of the capital's residents reported that makes it to the study (work) in less than half an hour, reports

The greatest amount of time spent on the road from North-West District of the capital. 72% of the capital's residents travel outside their district for other purposes not more than a few times a month: 29% — 3-4 times a month, 15% — once a month, 28% — almost never travel outside the area. 17% of respondents reported that they are in other parts of the Moscow weekly and only 7% — daily.

Most often Muscovites travel to other parts of the capital to visit visitors (30%) or shopping (28%). A significant proportion of respondents commit such a trip in order to visit relatives (14%), or meet up with friends (13%), walk (10%), fun (8%), attend cultural and recreational facilities (cinema — 3%, theaters — 2%, museums — 1%, excursions — 1% Club — 1%, cafes and restaurants — 1%), at least — for (5%), medical facilities (2%) or for part-time work (2% ).

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