Carl Bildt: It seems that Moscow would not pull Lukashenko

Today, the Polish Institute of International Relations in Warsaw, a meeting of experts, politicians and diplomats, the result of dedicated Neighbourhood Policy. reports "ERB."

"ERB" quoted speech at a meeting of the Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt:

"In the" Eastern Partnership "is essential that we adhere to the principle of" more is more "and" less less "- if someone is going to reform, he has more support and opportunities, and vice versa. Speaking of" less less ", we have an obvious Example — Belarus. A person who makes the decisions in Minsk, has chosen the path in the other direction, not even to go, and fall down. And it appropriately reflected in our ability to assist with reforms and the integration of Belarus into the European community. This European country in which, However, the authoritarian regime, and it is inconsistent. I think this will change — and our offer is on the table in Minsk. Along the way, we can clearly say that for us is unacceptable: the political prisoners, political persecution, which we see today. "

The Minister stressed although after the revolutions in Egypt and Tunisia, as well as the conflict in Libya, a large share of the attention of Europeans is directed to the south, this does not mean that the case eastern neighbors falling by the wayside:

"What is happening in the South, in a sense, is dominant in the field of European foreign policy — and it will be some time yet. But does this mean that our partners from the East of the priority items disappear? I do not think so. Contrary. I think that European politicians are aware of: the way we conduct neighborhood policy plays a key role in the issue of our security. "

In this case, the Bildt does not consider it appropriate introduction of general economic sanctions against Belarus

"The point of economic sanctions — yes. But now one of the main problems faced by the country — it's a very, very big economic chaos. This would not be so bad if Belarus had investors and foreign partners has been reliable for the lending country and could get the money at reasonable interest rates. I do not have to explain that you can forget about the last, because who wants to invest in Lukashenko: No one! Belarusian leadership hopes that Moscow pull them now. But, I think Moscow would not. Surely and in the longer term. Nobody, as I said, does not want to put money into a black hole, which Belarus. Nobody — then west, then east. Soon Lukashenko will remain options — he will be forced to seek assistance from international institutions . U.S. can not help Belarus adopted because there documents. Will only Europe. And we put very strict conditions and closely monitor the behavior of the authorities. Belarus in a very, very desperate economic situation. Moreover, I am convinced that the introduction of general economic sanctions first of all, would be reflected in the common people. "

There was a question on Belarus in the World Championship. Interestingly, it was made by the representative of the Finnish Embassy in Poland:

"Why do not we try something creative, such as hockey diplomacy? Perhaps we could deprive Belarus of the World Championship? Maybe it would be noticeable, they say that Alexander Lukashenko — a great enthusiast of the sport."

Carl Bildt spoke about it this way:

"I zakradvayutstsa suspicion that she just wants Finland to the championship. Seriously, I do not believe in sports diplomacy. And even if it could have an impact, it is not a decision I can make, and the International Ice Hockey Federation. But if they decide to cancel the event in Minsk, I'm certainly not going to those who would strongly resist such a decision. "

That same employee of the Embassy of Finland pavrytarychnae asked the question: "How much more on the map of Europe will be a red spot Lukashenko regime?"

Bildt's answer: "Some things are completely accurate: up to now, every the man was deadly. And I do not think that Lukashenka will be the first who will live forever. Because, perhaps, the moment will come when Belarus is postlukashenkavskay. I am not prepared to answer, it will happen tomorrow or in ten years. But I do know one thing: we be ready at this point to assist in the transition to the reforms of the economy, the political system, the transition to a different system of values. "

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