Cat in the world of witchcraft

November 7, 2011 1:32

B different cultures cats are associated with the idea of the supernatural, of luck or misfortune, with healing or causing vreda. In folklore, a cat — one of the favorite animals that accompany the witches, wizards and soothsayers fate. With cats involves a lot of superstitions.

Ancient Egyptians believed the cat sacred animal and tied it to the moon and the goddess Bast — patroness of marriage. Also the cat immediately to the Mother Goddess, Isis. In the Egyptian sun god Ra art depicted as a cat, kill the snake Darkness. Black cats were associated with darkness and death.

According to legends, each sorcerer, witch and gypsy fortune tellers must always byt cat. Cats were companions of witches in them inspires demons who carried out the orders of their mistresses. Elizabeth Francis of Chelmsford, England, condemned as a witch in 1556, said she was holding the white spots cat named Satan, who, while doing some work for her, get paid for it as a reward drop of her blood.

It was believed that witches can turn into nine cat, probably because it was thought the cat's nine lives. About black cats said that this — incarnation of the devil himself. Throughout medieval Europe, black cats were caught and burned, especially on Thursday at Pancake week and Easter. Cat, the accusation that she is a witch's companion, usually executed by burning alive.

Cats also participated in spells of witches. At the trial of John Faial, one of the most prominent leaders of the Scottish witches, which took place in the years 1590-1591, fly and his community of witches were accused of trying to drown James VI and Queen Anne during their stay in Denmark. Witches crucified cat tied to it pieces of dismembered human body and thrown into the sea, saying with the appropriate spell. At sea, there arose a great storm, which forced the royal ship back to Scotland, but the King and Queen at the same did not suffer.

Cat and WitchAccording to legend, popular in the Scottish Highlands, there is found a large flock of wild cats, cat-called-me-elves, who are said to be witches in disguise. Cat-and-elf-sized dog, black with a white spot on the chest. They raised their tails and vzdyblena wool — stereotype cat Halloween (All Saints Day).

Although black cat everywhere associated with witchcraft, though in some parts of Europe, England and the United States believed that it brings good luck. However, they believe that a black cat crossing the road brings misfortune. According to another legend, if the cat jumps on the corpse,
a dead man becomes a vampire. To prevent this, when someone died, the cat killed. Cats linked with charms, imposed in the name of fertility: a cat buried in the field provide a bountiful harvest.

Cats play an important role in the religion of voodoo, common in the southern regions of the United States. Enchantment imposed by cats, especially with their whiskers, could cause failure, illness and death of the victim. Conversely, in the folklore of many cats have healing powers. They say that black cat soup cure tuberculosis. In the XVII century it was believed that the cat is entirely cooked in oil, while providing protection from injuries.

It is believed that the disease can be transmitted to cats, and they carry them away from the house. It is believed that the eyes of cats have the ability to see ghosts. In West Asia, the stone called "cat's eye" — red with white spots — has a bad reputation, it is believed that it brings misfortune.

In modern witch-cat is a favorite companion, it is appreciated for extraordinary psychic sensitivity.

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