Cellulite — a disease or condition of the body?

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Every age produces its own ideas about female beauty have changed over time. In recent decades, is a beautiful slender body and even thin, but not without pomp in certain places. Chiselled figure doll Barbie — now that's ideal for most women and men. However, the nature rarely gives people so perfect forms.

The term "cellulite" or so-called "orange peel" appearance of which is associated with impaired blood and lymph circulation, connecting cell proliferation adipose cloth, firmly established in the minds of Russians not so long ago.

By cellulite accumulation of fat in the understanding hypodermis, leading to compression of the vessels. As a result, the system is simply the accumulation of fat, water and toxins that causes the formation of tubercles.

There are many factors causing the appearance of cellulite.

  • It is known that with overeating organism unable to cleave all the products and accumulates them. The oxidation of fat (lipolysis), each of us is programmed genetically. Therefore, when equal amounts of food consumed some people burn more fat reserves than others.
  • A sedentary lifestyle also leads to the appearance of fatty deposits, as power consumption is lower than the total energy contribution.
  • Stress and fatigue can lead to excess weight because tired organism produces cortisol, which causes fluid retention and fat storage.

In 1993, the Italian dermatologist Sergio churros criticized the term "cellulite" on the grounds that the suffix "-itis" in traditional medicine for inflammation, whereas in this case there is no inflammation. However, attempts to call it state otherwise were not successful, and the term "cellulite" and remained in use.

Cellulite has become the subject of numerous studies conducted cosmetic laboratories. Among the doctors have so far there is no consensus as to whether his disease or cosmetic imperfections. Some propose to consider a mild degree of cellulite cosmetic imperfections, and launched, accompanied by venous insufficiency disease. Cellulite is mainly peculiar to women, although men do not escape this fate.

The problem of "orange peel" is not even an anomaly, a physiological state, characteristic of the female body. Cellulite is defined as the development of a genetic predisposition and lifestyle. And although it is more common in overweight women, cellulite affects both the thinnest. This is not surprising, because the tissues of the female body is very sensitive to fluctuations in hormonal levels brought about by puberty, taking contraceptives, pregnancy or menopause. Any of these factors may contribute to the accumulation of fat cells.

In addition to hormonal factors, this phenomenon is due to the fact that women have fat deposits are arranged vertically, and men — horizontally. That's why these clusters under the male skin less noticeable.

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