Celtic tomb reveals secrets

February 1, 2013 5:50

Scientists continue to study the unique Celtic tomb discovered in Baden-Württemberg.
More recently, the name Bettelbyulbah creek that flows near the village Hunderzingen in the federal state of Baden-Wuerttemberg and flows into the Danube, even the locals know not all. But after the summer of 2010 on the bank of the stream was made a sensational discovery — a Celtic burial of the 6th century BC, it became known to archaeologists around the world. At the very least, experts in the Celtic civilization.

A giant block of land with a Celtic burial was cut from the soil and transported to the laboratory

A giant block of land with a Celtic burial was cut from the soil and transported to the laboratory

Look for the Woman

Archaeologists lucky they found a uniquely preserved Celtic grave "Princess." "So we call it, — says the head of the excavation Krauss Dirk (Dirk Krausse). — But in fact we know very little about the social organization of the Celts. " Burial mound type concealed under a three-meter layer of soil a timber. Mound itself, built on the bank of the creek, eventually razed and became invisible. That is what saved the tomb of looting in ancient times, the majority of whom underwent burial mound in Europe.

Nicole Ebinger-Rist at work

Nicole Ebinger-Rist at work

Since Bettelbyulbah diligently washed its waters underground wooden construction of the massive beams, its safety, according to archaeologists, "close to perfect." "In the dry land of the tree would not be likely to centuries of safety", — says restorer Ebinger-Rist Nicole (Nicole Ebinger-Rist), member of an archaeological expedition.

Work on the banks of the stream were no accident near the site of the excavations in the early 1990s found a large Celtic settlement. Hoyneburg today — one of the largest museums of Celtic culture in Europe. In the "best years" (at the turn of the 6-5th centuries BC) in the settlement, surrounded by an earthen rampart, lived up to 10,000 people. Scientists were clear that to be found in the vicinity and other traces of the Celts.

Archaeology between the scanner and the microscope

In the wooden tomb were found two skeletons — a woman and a child. In the other world, they were accompanied rich gifts: gold jewelry, amber, jet and bronze. But they were not the main goal of archaeologists. "Today, the most sensational discoveries made in the lab — says Nicole Ebinger-Rist. Archaeology left the pursuit of objects, biological and chemical research allows a much more interesting conclusions.

Celtic tomb reveals secrets

Precious material for the study, it was decided to resort to the help of the builders: a giant cube of land with the tomb was cut down from the ground and taken by truck to a special laboratory in Stuttgart. So far managed to establish the precise dating of the tomb: burial was made 2,600 years ago.

Quiet sensation

"If you try to buy the sensations we have to disappoint you," — smiling Nicole Ebinger-Rist. So far, the burial was found no trace of the sacrifice, or other manifestations of "barbarism", which are usually ascribed the Celts. On the contrary, everything indicates that it is a nation with high culture. "At least the top layer of Celtic society appreciate luxury and was an expert in aesthetic objects" — confirms archaeologist Krauss.

"The high level of social and military organization of the Celts proved by the fact that in 387 BC, they were able to capture Rome." Why Celtic nation, is, as the researchers say, "on the way to the high culture", has disappeared without a trace? Why Celts "allowed" Romans assimilate themselves? Answers to these questions have yet to be learned.

Now and excavations on the site, and a thorough study finds laboratories continue. It remains unclear to what degree relatives were "princess" and was buried with her child. If using DNA testing can establish their relationship, it will make at least assumptions about the details of the funeral cult. One convinced scientists with the image of the Celts as barbarians klutz (what presented the creators of the famous comic strip "Asterix and Obelix") will have to part forever.

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