Civilized methods: how to remove warts today?

The origin of warts

Anyone who has ever faced the warts — and studies show that more than half of all adults in the world! — Probably wondered why they were there with me? Indeed, no apparent cause can not explain the formation of warts on the skin — as the fact that the disease is viral in nature.

Virus — And in the case of warts are a type of human papilloma virus — transmitted by any direct contact with the infection, most often when touching the skin or the use of common hygiene items. However, not always possible to accurately determine the source of infection — the incubation period ranges from 2 to 5 months. But you can be sure that the wart once it has appeared on the skin, can not be overlooked.

Most wart is dense skin seal in the form of nodules and, depending on species, may be placed on the hands and fingers, on the sole of the foot and toes, genitals and even on the face. Wherever she was, it's hard to call it an ornament — hardened plaque grayish hardly seem attractive. And if we add to the unaesthetic that warts can spread through the body by povehnosti autoinoculation (self-infection), it becomes clear why people want as soon as possible to remove them.

Arsenal clear skin

Today there are many ways to remove warts, from the most traditional and even esoteric to innovative and skilful. The degree of their effectiveness, indications and contraindications is also noticeably different. Perhaps, the first method of wart removal was witchcraft — witch doctors invent the most incredible charms and rituals to rid their patients of warts. Interestingly, they often act and the wart disappeared. The intervention of supernatural forces? Not at all. Today, scientists have found that in addition to the viral agent, a role in the development of the disease plays an emotional state. That's why self-hypnosis can mobilize the body's internal forces to fight the virus — and beat him. Unfortunately, this method is far from universal, so doctors often supplemented it with various herbal decoctions and poultices. This is the way and now prefers to use the older generation.

Traditional medicine against warts

Among the herbs, which removes warts were celandine, dandelion, wormwood and a variety of other plants that have some antiseptic properties. On the same principle, and many existing on the market today home remedies, but they are composed of natural ingredients instead often come quite corrosive chemical components. Rough handling they can cause serious burns, not to mention the fact that the problem of warts, they often do not address.

Medical care

Professional medical help — this is the second possible way of getting rid of warts. Especially large specimens and today undergo surgical excision, when the affected tissue is removed under local anesthesia. This is an extreme case — Gorazdthickets ofe in the everyday practice, there are laser removal, electrocautery and cryotherapy.

Laser and Electronicektricheskoe impact require a well-tuned equipment and highly qualified physician who conducts the procedure. This explains the relatively high cost of such treatment. Furthermore, depending on the location of warts, it may be slightly painful.

Krioterapiya compared with other clinical methods is quite simple, but no less effective — and that is especially nice, does not cause discomfort. Due to the low temperature refrigerant virus infected tissues die, leaving no scars.

Advantages in one vial

The simplicity and effectiveness of the treatment of warts by freezing led to the development of home remedies that work on the same principle. One of them was the drug "Kriofarma" concern "Bittner". It allows you to combine a professional approach and high performance with the convenience of home treatments use.

The refrigerant used in this case a mixture of dimethyl ether and propane, which gives the temperature of -57 ° C, sufficient to remove even deep self warts. The procedure of removing thought out very carefully: a set of "Kriofarma", in addition to the refrigerant cylinder, includes detailed instructions, the holder and 12 disposable applicators. Thus, one bottle is enough for 12 performances — easy to calculate that it is much more profitable to the same number of visits to a specialized clinic.

According to the testimony of dermatologists, the likelihood of recurrence of warts after its removal is quite high, because the long incubation period allows you to immediately handle all areas of the skin affected by the virus. That is why it is very practical to professionalno-home treatment using "Kriofarmy" — so you can immediately get rid of the source of infection.

And please do not forget that even a smallwart— This disease, so at the slightest sign of rapid change its color, shape or size should consult a doctor. Be sensitive to your skin, and it will be longsmooth and beautiful!

There are contraindications.  Should consult a specialist.

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