CMI has increased the supply of the domestic market to a record

In May 2013 the delivery of the Magnitogorsk Metallurgical Combine the Russian market exceeded 730 thousand tons of commercial products, which is an absolute historical record in the history of the company. The previous record — 706,000 tons — was set up in August 2012.

The new rate achieved is the result of a planned strategy plant growth-oriented supply of steel products to the domestic consumers. Throughout recent years, CMI has consistently increasing the volume of shipments to the Russian market, which by virtue of the dynamics of growth and geographic proximity is defined management and the board of directors of OJSC "MMK" as a strategic priority. 

At the end of May this year, total shipments of steel products of JSC "MMK" amounted to 948,000 tons, of which only about 115,000 tonnes were exported to foreign countries. Thus, the share of export of steel products in these countries has decreased to 12%. This is significantly less than that of most other major Russian steel companies. Another 101,000 tons in May was shipped to the CIS countries. Deliveries of the same to the Russian market by the end of last month exceeded 730,000 tons (more than 77% of the total shipment).

In 2012, CMI increased shipments to the Russian market by 16% — up to 7.5 million tons. Significant growth in 2012 also demonstrated the delivery of MMK in the CIS countries, which increased by a third — to 920 thousand tonnes compared to 690 thousand tons a year earlier. At the same time, supplies of JSC "MMK" on foreign markets declined by 26% — up to 2.6 million tons of steel, compared with 3.5 million tonnes in 2011.

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