Colonel Pot outside access

The Federal Security Service of Russia has declared the end of the investigation in the case of Alexander Poteeva accused of issuing the summer of 2010 the U.S. special services of Russian spies. In the near future should be determined by the date of the hearing of the case on which the Pot will be charged and sentenced in absentia.

The investigation of the case of former Russian intelligence colonel Alexander Poteeva completed earlier than in its time predicted the FSB: in Last year, investigators of the agency counted no less than six months of work, but managed in five months. Poteeva accused that he fled to the United States, gave a whole group of Russian spies of various caliber, who worked in the U.S. under cover. In June 2010, almost immediately after his visit to the United States by Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, ten illegal immigrants were arrested, and the Russian Foreign Ministry acknowledged that the detainees are Russian citizens. In early July 2010, Moscow and Washington exchanged for four Russians convicted of spying and pardoned President of Russia.

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