Concessions to terrorists give rise to terror

Concessions to terrorists give rise to terror

Yesterday in Dagestan was killed Sheikh Said Afandi Chirkeisk. According to investigators, his house came a lady with an explosive device and brought it into action. Power of the explosive device was about one and a half kilograms of TNT. In the end, the sheikh himself died and six parishioners, among which 12-year-old son of the sheikh and his wife.

Three weeks back during the funeral of a police officer in Malgobek region of Ingushetia, detonated an explosive device. Eight people were killed and 10 were hospitalized. Most of the victims — law enforcement officers. And the first of August has been undermined by the rigors of an armored vehicle, which went into the military. Three people were killed and three others were injured languid.

Some liberal commentators have used the latest wave of terror, so again call upon Russia to withdraw from the North Caucasus. They call upon the Russian administration for actions that correspond to the main strategic tasks of different design separatist movements inside of, enjoy the support of Saudi Arabia, the Gulf States, Iran and the "Muslim brothers." It's safe to read and indirect support such trends on territory of Russia and neighboring countries to her by the U.S. and its allies.

It seems that the defenders of the "retreat in exchange for peace" is not acquainted with the rich global experience in implementation of such concepts. This concerns, first, Near East.

A month back the Egyptian Air Force attacked terrorist bases on the territory of the Sinai Peninsula, which is now an integral part of Egypt. It is not often we hear about how a country is bombarding objects in their area. This compulsory operation in response to the terrorist attack, which killed as a result of seventeen Egyptian police officers illustrates a situation of complete chaos in the terrain of the Sinai Peninsula.

Recall that it is in the Sinai was tested for the first time South American concept "Land for peace" in the Middle East. President Egypt Sadat broke the long-standing ties with the Soviet Union, and one hundred percent obeyed the will of Washington, and in return the Americans forced Israel to give him the Sinai Peninsula, occupied in the course of the war in 1967. Peace treaty between Israel and Egypt was signed in 1978.

Since south american State Department was represented by these agreements as one of the largest of their own success. But after the fall (when the same treacherous approval) of the Mubarak regime Sinai has become a base for militants of the constructive kind. Chaos reigned in Egypt allowed them to make the infrastructure for attacks on Israel which found himself in an unenviable situation. Any raids against militants in the area Egypt will be perceived as a violation of the peace agreement, and Egypt itself is not able to fight the insurgency perfect specimen "Al-Qaeda". Naturally, all the louder voices in Israel insolvency of the concept imposed by the Yankees.

Her inconsistency we litsezreem clearly by the example of Lebanon. After the withdrawal of Israeli troops from the territory of southern Lebanon in 2000, there are evidence-based design militants immediately carried away by shelling northern Israel. All this led to the military operation in 2006.

Such a course of events we attended after the withdrawal of Israeli troops and the demolition of Jewish settlements in the Gaza Strip in 2005. Create a vacuum quickly moved into bloody chaos and victory radicals. In areas of Gaza were fired at Israel over 7 thousand missiles. It would seem that after the Israeli withdrawal from there and the demolition of their own settlements we had to witness the peaceful influences. But it turned out exactly the opposite. The withdrawal from Gaza in 2005 led to the military operation in 2010.

A more fundamental example for the Russian Federation can be reached Prime Minister Rabin agreement with Arafat in 1993. Israel then began withdrawing troops from the territory of Judea and Samaria. And immediately the blood flowed through the streets of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

Blood season does not begin after the military operations against the terrorists, and specifically after gosdepovskoy implementation in practice the concept of "land for peace." But it does not bring peace, but the chaos and terror. We litsezreem inaccuracy South American approach on the example of Egypt, Libya and Syria, where the "Muslim brothers" of various stripes have secured American support. This game allows the Yankees to hold their own, guided by the principle of "divide and rule". But one can reasonably imagine that this chaotic wave will return, eventually, and against them.

It seems that to hurry up with calls to the Russian management to respond to the surrender of terror can not be trained on someone else's experience. Those who will go to the new Khasavuirt create the vacuum which fill the most constructive elements. Then they will have to wash the blood from the streets of Moscow and other cities of central Russia. This logic of recent events in the Middle East and the Caucasus.

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