Contact with the dead through the TV

November 7, 2011 4:59

Contact with the dead through the TV

Since the end of XX century, almost simultaneously in different countries on the TV people have to see the images of dead relatives. For example, what happened with Elena Nikiforova from Novorossiysk. "I watched a television program" Vremya ". Suddenly, the screen covered with a band, and then it appeared a man's face — as if in a haze — says Nikiforov. It was moving. I looked at him and screamed in terror. On the screen at me, stared my deceased brother Mike. After a few seconds on the screen again ran the band, and then the television again began to show the program … "

 And it happened in Riga. People gathered in the traditional wake for the mother — led a large Latvian family. Relatives and friends are arriving, and the apartment could not accommodate everyone. It was decided to move the funeral to the country, it fortunately was not far from the city. Two days later, the family returned home. When turned on the TV, its screen clearly eclipsed whitish face deceased grandmother …

The following story was told 56-year-old American, electronics specialist from Oklahoma Phil Shraver. For two years Shraver unsuccessfully fought to create a fundamentally new design TV antennas. In July 1990, the prototype model was finally made. Once Shraver connect the antenna to the TV, you will see a blurred image of a girl. The inventor was stunned in front of him had a daughter, Karin, who died in a car crash in 1986. A few days later tried again Shraver antenna, this time on the screen there was Alicia — his long-dead wife. She spoke, and her voice Shraver learned, though he could not make out the words — their noise drowned.

Communication via computer

The ability to use modern technology to look into the mysterious world of the dead, just interested in professional experts on contact with the other world. In 1987, Magee and Jules Harsch-Fischbach of Luxembourg with special equipment were clear image on the TV screen in contact with the deceased person. The researchers did not stop there and decided to adapt to communicate with the world of the dead, a modern computer. Success came a year later. Using a computer, Magee got a clear picture and was even able to speak through a computer with his dead friend.

In Russia, the first attempts to use modern electronic equipment to image the dead did Petersburg UFO group headed by V. Korobkova. In 1996, researchers have provided pictures from the world of the Russian participants of the conference "The reality of the small world."

A few years later Penza researchers decided to repeat the experience of their colleagues. But they went the other way. Rather than complicate the electronic equipment, were to combine its use with medieval magic rituals.

Using common household video equipment — TV and Video — Sergei Volkov and Eduardo Utenkova of Penza Association unconventional research "Logos" was able to record on video the shadow of long-dead people. It happened December 27, 2002. First, the TV tuned to the so-called "white ripple" — free television broadcasts. Opposite him put the camcorder. Then, in full accordance with the ancient ritual of the luminescent closed corridor — installed two mirrors, one of the TV, the second — for the camera. Thus, we obtain a closed video information network that the "beyond a signal" fall in the trap. But, according to researchers Penza, it was not enough for the appearance of the ghost on the screen. Needed a resonator — amplifier process, the use of which as it tightens the essence of the invisible world beyond the world of the living. This also used elements of ancient rituals: The camcorder and TV put belongings deceased.

According to one of the researchers, Sergei Volkov, the screen is able to obtain the shade of the dead. These shadows that appear in the profile, then turned his head, then disappear again. They have no clear-cut features, and there is only the contours of the nose and neck. On closer viewing experimenters found similarity of their sockets. Phenomenon occurs in complete silence: no sound, no signal fix so far.

Perceive the world dead in the same way as ours, it is impossible. Penke sometimes visible on some landscapes. But all this is "maintained, of a" test "is alien to us by technology. The other world is constantly "tremble." This is not a continuous space, and some like snakes writhing field that periodically arise shadows of the dead.

Why do not people see that they are surrounded by the shadows of the dead? Why are these shadows so rarely appear in footage? The reasons can be many. First, each of us perceives itself as a body with a head, arms and legs. Quite different may look from the world of the dead. According to the memoirs of survivors of clinical death, they saw themselves as small balls, flying in different directions and can easily pass through walls. The photos, video shooting such balls are common, but are considered as a marriage in photographs or as a nuisance. Secondly, according to the research scientists conducted in unusual areas, such Khopyorskaya, energy facilities, and these may include representatives of the dead, should be removed to a special film or video equipment that allows reflect objects invisible to human ultraviolet region of the spectrum.

To get on the video image is not black ball that ufologists call "black mark" and the man he was before his death is likely to be compliance with any additional conditions. In almost all cases, the on-screen TVs people have seen their relatives, and especially common — the victims of the disaster. Most likely, it is not! accident.

Transformation of the ball, which is a normal form of human existence in the world of the dead, in essence, looks like a man may take more energizing or even any additional conditions, for example, a passionate desire on the part of the world representative of the dead. If no such desire, you get the essence of the world transformed into a man can help worked for many centuries, and perhaps millennia, ancient magical rituals of the energy value of which we can only guess.

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