Controlled chaos in Iraq lasts

South American troops eventually leave Iraq. Does this mean that this country has come a long awaited peace and stability? — Unfortunately, the actions of a very rapidly developing in the working direction. As you can see from the news of recent days, the restoration of peace in Iraq will not have to read another very long time: the country last attacks and exacerbated the struggle for power, but what kind whatsoever plainclothes harmony and unity, which at the very least, but kept at a measured Saddam, can not be considered.

In fact, immediately after the departure of U.S. troops Baghdad rocked a new horrible act of terrorism. A series of explosions thundered in the Iraqi capital in the afternoon on December 22. As a result, 14 explosions killed more than 60 people, and about 200 were wounded. According to recent reports, the responsibility for the attack claimed "Al-Qaeda".

Important to note that the attack took place against the background of acute confrontation between Sunni and Shiite units in the Iraqi government, which could mark the beginning of the latest wave of inter-religious confrontation in the country.

The power struggle between Sunnis and Shiites began almost immediately after the withdrawal from the territory of the country of U.S. troops. Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, who is Shiite, insists the arrest of Vice President Tariq Sunni Al-Hashemi, who was charged with organizing a terrorist group that kills Foreign Ministry officials, the Interior Ministry and the Ministry of Health Iraq. From arrest Al-Hashemi rescued only by his presence on the territory of Iraqi Kurdistan, which is a Sunni region. Vice-President has already said he will not return to Baghdad.

Another target of Nouri al-Maliki, was another influential representative of the Sunni bloc: the prime minister has initiated the process for a vote of no confidence in his own Deputy Prime Minister Saleh al-Mutlaq.

Representatives of the Shiites imperative structures Iraq also argue that the bloody attack on December 22 — the handiwork of Sunni attempt to provoke a new round of sectarian strife. Sunni wing responded to the allegations, saying that Shiite Prime Minister Nouri- Al-Maliki and his associates, supported by security forces try to oust Sunni peremptory structures. Among other things, the Sunnis accuse al-Maliki, in cahoots with Iran, whose goal is the same exclusion of Sunnis from power in the country. So Makar, the contradictions between the Sunni and Shiite elite Iraqi snowballing.

Departing from Iraq, the U.S. Tipo had hoped that the situation in the country will be brought under control of the party "Al-Iraqiya "headed by Parliament Speaker Mr. Ayad Allawi, who, in their opinion, could support the Shiites and Sunnis. But the situation suddenly intervened third force, it was out of control and the hopes of the Yankees fate was realized. Certainly, today's escalation of the situation just as the present oversight Yankees, their humiliating mistake.

Is this true? As is the case in reality and it is necessary Yankees Iraqi stability? — In fact any stability to the United States does not need, in principle, an idea that just fit into the theory and practice of so-called controlled chaos — the ideology promoted by the United States at the global level in order to establish their own power and ensure its global hegemony. Iraqi operation served the aims of creation in this country and throughout the Middle East hearth itself controlled chaos. Now, when the potential of the South American military presence has been exhausted and create havoc with it has become more difficult, U.S. troops withdrew from Iraq, and it immediately resumed still the same sluggish plainclothes war that was "stopped" heroic efforts of the U.S. military.

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