Cool World (35 — 36 issues) watch online

Cool World (35 - 36 issues) watch online
Parallel world — a series of programs about the unknown, unusual, mysterious, the paranormal. The most unspeakable things — next to us! We can not ignore them, we can turn a blind eye, but that miracles do not disappear from our lives. Home, work, kitchen, shopping, gatherings with friends — our life moves one by one, great friend circle. All things, all phenomena have been investigated, and may not be accustomed to spring a surprise? This is not the case. The world of the mysterious and raschudesno surrounds each of us. You will be amazed, realizing that the world of the mysterious and unknown, so called parallel reality is so close it is fairly easy to reach out.

35 issue (26.04.2013)

36 issue (06.05.2013)

Unidentified, anomalies, other world

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