Court of Justice against Sannikov, Vasilevich, Hnedchyk, Mirzayanavym, Eremenko. The seventh day

May 10 in Minsk in court Partyzansky continued proceedings against Andrei Sannikov, Ilya Vasilevich, Oleg Hnedchyk, Fedor Mirzayanava and Vladimir Eremenko. Judge Natalia Chatsvertakova.

18:00 During adjourned until 10:00 on May 11

17:15 Defendant Hnedchyk recognized himself in the video. The lawyer notes that Eremenok only shown in the crowd as he hits stated. Lawyers point out that none of the law enforcement officers did not stop the beating of glasses, only doing the movie. Tried to stop only Rymashevski. Sannikov reported that attempted to stop the beating of glasses, spoke through sound reinforcement systems.

16:25 Sannikov sought to prevent the beating of glass "- shows Askerko. All the witnesses for the prosecution and the defense, which appeared interviewed. The Court will now consider the case of video. TV turned to the rear hall. The videos can only see the actors.

16:10 The next witness Igor Askerko. Familiar with Sannikov since 2001. Sannikov helped as a driver.

16:00 Yurina: "The mood was elevated in people — a delight that we have so many, it was a sense of celebration, no aggression, no malice." "When it was over, I toured the area five times. There were no cans and an ice pick." "People went to the area without a specific purpose, to let off steam."

15:45 Next witness Galina Yurina. She came with a blue ribbon on the jacket — a symbol of the campaign Sannikov. Galina Yurina together with Sannikov was a member of the creation of Charter 97. UCP member, member of the election campaigns, including — the latter was a member of the initiative group Sannikov. "We came to celebrate a victory, we knew that Sannikov goes into the second round. While at the same time realize that it is unlikely to be counted." "What kind of arson and riots, the capture of Government House? We were preparing for the second round." "If we had something prepared, you would have bought at least a cart for the generator, and then pulled it on YouTube on his hands."

15:35 Kozlowski: "We have had conversations with Sannikov that no violent developments can not be. He urged people to violent overthrow of the government. Sannikov team worked under the Electoral Code." "Another two generals were in our kamande.Napevna if we were to organize, then this would not cause any provocation. They taught us to win. But do not fight with its own people. Tweaked provocation organized extremely clumsy." The lawyer asked if you've been given the task to capture the Government House, what tactics would you choose? The judge invalidated the question

15:25 The next witness — former Defense Pavel Kozlovsky.Kozlowski knows Sannikov since 1991, worked together in the commission of the Belarusian Army. Kozlowski headed the commission, and Sannikov was represented in her MFA. He says that with Sannikov participated in the negotiations on the division of the Soviet armed forces, the withdrawal of nuclear weapons, "Sannikov — an experienced specialist in the field of international law, a good negotiator." "A very decent man, he recommended that the Minister Kravchenko." "After 1994, we maintain a friendly relationship. On his recommendation, I went into the Charter-97. Sannikov sees the prospects for Belarus in normal relations with other states."
During the 2010 elections, Sannikov invited him to become a trustee, and Kozlowski agreed, although there have been suggestions from other candidates. "He was worthy to become the president of Belarus." "Together with Sannikov drove almost the whole of Belarus."

The next witness — Igor Poluian, director of private enterprise. His company has two retail outlets on Independence Avenue — shop for flowers. In the evening of the 19th sellers asked to close shop an hour early, because the first few buyers, and second, a 20-hour police recommended them to close. The witness said that it is impossible to calculate any damages or lost profits. But he was not going to do it. "On Sunday and so weak revenue. Was there a danger, do not know nothing bad will see — was closed, so closed." No illegal actions against their shops were not. "I'm used to that in Belarus opposition protest held in peace."

14:50 Examine a witness Paul Sergey of Maladzechna. This student is familiar with the defendant Eremenko. December 19 He participated in the march on the square from the train station. He says that he arrived in Minsk on the 17th, spent the night in a rented apartment, they found his friends in the Young Front. "On October Square were in all the candidates, except for Lukashenko and Tereshchenko," says Sergei witness, "demanded a second round of elections."

14:30 With 16 hours of witness Dolidovich other commandos were sitting in a service truck behind the Palace of the Republic, at 21 — they have been transported to the Red Church. The victim said that the demonstrators were throwing riot police hesitated, rods hit on the helmet, spoke. And he had been hit, raising his visor. Davidovich said that the demonstrators were beaten commandos spade handles and rods, throwing bottles, that one special forces — walker — broke down. Davidovich said that the Square was 5-6 persons in a sheepskin coat, who stood in front of them in a row, closely grappled with his hands and behaved aggressively.

The meeting resumed. Ongoing examination of witnesses. Lawyers said, as witnesses Askerko Igor and Pavel Kozlovsky. The judge granted. Fedor Mirzayanav asks the court to allow his family and friends. The fact that his mother was not allowed into the hall. It also asks the court for permission to enter another, as some "scum" took three rows in the courtroom. The judge said that the members have the right to be present, and his mother — not, as it was removed from the trial for the replica. The first questioning of the victim SWAT Yury Davidovich.

13:00 Volcheck: Lukashenko to me illegitimate from 1999. Lawyer: If you are interested in the results of this process, stop, please.

The judge refused to accede to the interim report of the OSCE case, as it is not an official document, extracted from the Internet.

During adjourned until 14:10.

12:50 Volcheck says that the police at the time of the brutal dispersal of the demonstration could cause injury and colleagues. People do not resist, kept himself. Volcheck asks the court to adduce OSCE interim report on violations of the election.

Suggests a human rights activist Oleg Volchek. As a former soldier, an Afghan who was spetspadryhtovku, I can say that the guys who broke the windows, making trained punches and kicks. I contacted the police, who filmed the video: let's fix and detain. I said, "You have your own work, we have — its own", and did not stop beating glasses. "At this time, the candidates were at the monument to Lenin. I told them that there is a provocation and best to stay away from the door and you need to seek the leadership of the police." Candidates megaphones urged people
not suited to the Government House, the candidates also appealed to the leadership of the police, so they put things in order. "There were two drunk people who constantly say," Let's go take a parliament that reason here. "But people did not succumb to it.

12:15 The next witness — legal expert Oleg Volchek. Witness Volcheck reported that on December 19 was on October Square as a supervisor and a member of the initiative group Sannikov. Witness led the monitoring of events in the Square. "People have come as a holiday. Mood of the demonstrators were peaceful." "People do not have enough space, they vyshturhovvalisya on the roadway, as at October Square acted rink." "People will regulate the relationship, the police during the march was not. People were peacefully." "Anastasia Palazhanka resorts and said -" Glass beat. This is not us. " Candidates once said, all standing still is not good, it is a provocation. "

12:00 This essential information is the result of the work of renowned experts, says witness Tonkacheva. The defendants and lawyers support the accession of the report in the case file. Prosecutor — against as "legal assessment of those events is the responsibility of other agencies." However, the judge granted the motion of the witness and report human rights annexed to the case file.

11:50 "The events of December 19 are the subject of analysis of lawyers and human rights defenders." As an example, Tonkacheva leads a recent report by the International Observation Mission of the events on December 19 and requests that this document in the case file. "By analyzing the events of December 19, the experts agreed that the meeting was peaceful. Individuals were beyond the law and committed acts that are subject to certain evaluation. But this is no reason to call all the events riots, as these events has been involved a small number of individuals" .

Tonkacheva quoted paragraph 93 of the report: "Peaceful protest on Independence Square and the attack on Government House to be considered as two separate events. According to the evidence, the activities at the Independence Square was peaceful, although unlawful, rally. Assault on Government House was not peaceful. This is the only element of the event on December 19, which could legitimately be regarded as a disorder. However, a small number of persons who participated in the attack on Government House, which could have been prevented, raises questions about how legitimately blame anyone at all in the riots. "

11:35 Human rights activist continues his testimony Elena Tonkacheva. "Independence Square was completely filled with people. At the rally, said the talks with the government — it was an attempt to appeal to the government to negotiate. Surprised that Government House was cordoned off by the police." "People react negatively when unknown began to smash windows of the Government House." "I urge the police to break up I did not hear." From the podium sounded: "The police and the people, do not give in to provocations that ye do not resistance." "The actions of the police were not aimed at the localization of the events on the steps of Government House, and the suppression of demonstrations, physical violence against its members."

11:25 Witness Tonkacheva noted that the sound of music on October Square was so strong that it was impossible to hear the candidates and close. The witness said that she saw people coming out on the roadway. This prevented a small chain of police — police officers stood at intervals of 1 meter. People took to the prospect, because on the square could not hold mityng.U moment of the citizens in the prospectus candidates were near the Palace of Culture of Trade Unions, in the head of the column, they did not go … Sannikov was in the middle of the column. "It was clearly a peaceful action. Without aggression, very accurate. When at KGB young man took the flags from the crowd asked him to stop. People were happy to participate in a peaceful protest," — says Tonkacheva.

"Items that would cause me concern in the hands of people I had not seen. Was not anything illegal. Facing the demonstration was not the police, but without them, the movement was peaceful and orderly. People did not litter the street. I have not seen no aggression against civil institutions. "

11:15 The next witness — legal expert Elena Tonkacheva. Tonkacheva witness reported that on December 19 it was October Square, on the "peaceful protest of citizens." There's a lot of pre-positioned equipment and spetstranspartu — cars for transportation of special forces and paddy wagons. A 19 hour metro area were closed, although the people did not exist. The referee stopped the Tonkacheva story of how unknown assailants beat Neklyaeva. "As part of the charges," — she urged.

11:05 The next witness — Igor Panasik, director of private enterprise. Panasik said that he had rented the apartment defendant Eremenok. The witness said that in December 2010 Eremenok rented an apartment for a month for three people. After the New Year was returned to him the keys.

10:55 Unlawful actions by persons from the demonstrators, who were nearby, a witness Yuri Kyslov not seen. Illegal calls witness also heard, including the seizure of Government House. In the hands of protesters witness did not see any metal rods or sticks. Aggression during the march and rally is also not observed.

10:45 The next witness — Yuri Kyslov, as with the police department of Minsk. Kyslov says that too on December 19 was part of a group of agitation and propaganda, and worked on a dedicated machine with gukaavzmatsnyalnay equipment. Standing at the crossroads of Kupala Street and Independence Avenue. All events in October Square witness did not see later he was ordered to go to the Independence Square, he was driving behind the tail of the column of demonstrators and read the text that the rally is prohibited. Announced it 2-3. The reasons why he was ordered to stop the protesters warning that these may be subjected to force, the witness does not know.

10:35 Witness Yuri Korol'kov, Senior Inspector of Police in Minsk. Under instructions from the witness arrived at the Independence Square and the voice over the loudspeaker that the rally is prohibited, please go away, otherwise it will be applied physical force. Korol'kov said that he had read the text 10 times, after which he was ordered to leave the Independence Square. When he read the warning, people only approached if to leave, then did not see anything because the windshield was veiled white-red-white flag. The witness said that the announcement sounded "maximum" 5 minutes. There were two such machines.

10:25 In the case of examination of injury Kashtalanava there is only a copy of an extract hospital admissions, said the expert. She claims that there were requests for other documents and he was called Kashtalanov. But no documents are not sent nor Kashtalanov not come for examination. "We have the right to learn the severity of injuries by medical records. There was minimal information. Was fixed right thigh bruise" — explained the expert Victoria Marcos. Who are assured a copy of the statement, the court also found there only is a stamp of the hospital.

10:20 Today is the first inquires Marcos Victoria t
he medical examiner. It called on the lawyer Galiyev. Expert poll about the examination of the victim Kashtalanava, deputy commander of the Special Forces Regiment.

Lawyer Sannikov Varvashevich insists on calling as witnesses Rockets and Dmitry Bondarenko. What motivated refusal? — He asks the judge. In case of refusal to call their lawyer asked the court to voice Bondarenko previous testimony in court. All aspects of the process supported by the lawyer Varvashevich. The judge said she refused "at this stage of the process," and so stated as 40 witnesses that have not been questioned.

10:05 The process is restored. Today will hear the testimony of witnesses. Defence filed a motion calling Korzyuk, Bondarenko and Khalip as witnesses. The judge refused. Among the announced today witnesses — human rights activists Elena Tonkacheva and Oleg Volchek.

9:45 In the courtroom did not let my mother Fedor Mirzayanava Mirzayanavu Lyudmila and Sergei Anisko uncle. Recall that during the last meeting of Lyudmila and Sergei Mirzayanavu Anisko judge removed from the hall, as they loudly protested false, in their opinion, the evidence commandos.

Courts for Square

Trial against Sannikov, Vasilevich, Hnedchyk, Mirzayanavym and Eremenko. First Day
Trial against Sannikov, Vasilevich, Hnedchyk, Mirzayanavym and Eremenko. Day Two
Trial against Sannikov, Vasilevich, Hnedchyk, Mirzayanavym, Eremenko. The third day
Court of Justice against Sannikov, Vasilevich, Hnedchyk, Mirzayanavym, Eremenko. The fourth day
Court of Justice against Sannikov, Vasilevich, Hnedchyk, Mirzayanavym, Eremenko. The fifth day
Court of Justice against Sannikov, Vasilevich, Hnedchyk, Mirzayanavym, Eremenko. The sixth day

Vladimir Eremenok

Born in Miory. Entered Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radio Electronics. At the time of his arrest was a student of 2nd year.

Member of the "Young Front". Member of the Plaza in 2010. Detained by the security services December 20, 2010 after a picket of solidarity with political prisoners in front of the Government House.

For this he was sentenced to 15 days in jail, which he served in Zhodino jail. Upon leaving there was called as a witness for questioning by the KGB, which ended 7-night arrest for Akrestin.

January 28 arrested for the third time, this time as a suspect in the case of the riots. Is in custody in the KGB prison. Charged with criminal article "Riots".

Ilya Vasilevich

Born in 1991 Baranovichi.

Entered Minsk Polytechnic College. Excellent student, was the head of the group.

Ilya served 10 days in jail for taking part in a protest on December 19 and was allowed to go home. He reported that the administration of the Minsk Polytechnic College excludes it from the school.

5 January a young man was invited to the college administration for signing the relevant papers, but in an educational institution Elijah waited KGB officers who had arrested a young man for investigation of the criminal case.

Oleg Hnedchyk
He was born in 1986. Member of the "Young Front".

In 2003-2005. detained by the police and sentenced to administrative arrests. In July 2003, a juvenile was arrested for distribution of information materials "MF" in Minsk.

In 2006 he was sentenced to 12 days in jail for taking part in the camp.
Detained on January 6. Until January 9, was in custody and was released. March 25 accused of involvement in the riots. Contained in prison Valadarski Street.

Fedor Mirzayanav

Born in 1990 in Baranavichy. In 2008 he enrolled in the Faculty of Management of the Belarusian State Economic University with a degree of "economic kibernetyka."

During the election campaign was in command of the presidential candidate Yaroslav Romanchuk.

After the events of December 19 served 15 days in jail in a detention facility Zhodino.

After the arrest of 25 January 2011 he was charged with involvement in the mass byspadarkah. Contained in prison Valadarski Street.

Andrei Sannikov

Born in Minsk on March 8, 1954. He graduated from the Minsk State Institute of Foreign Languages, the Diplomatic Academy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the USSR in Moscow. Fluent in four languages. Work for the Society for Friendship with Foreign Countries, the UN Secretariat in New York, was an adviser Mission of the Republic of Belarus in Switzerland.

In1995-1996 years. — Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Belarus. Left that post in November 1996 in protest against the referendum. In November 1997, he became the founder and international coordinator of the civil initiative "Charter 97".

In 2008 he initiated the civil campaign "European Belarus".

Awarded to Kreisky in the protection of human rights (2005).

The presidential candidate of the Republic of Belarus in the elections in 2010.

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