Court of Justice against Sannikov, Vasilevich, Hnedchyk, Mirzayanavym, Eremenko. The fifth day

Society on May 5 in Minsk in court Partyzansky process continues against Andrei Sannikov, Ilya Vasilevich, Oleg Hnedchyk, Theodore and Vladimir Mirzayanava Eremenko.

Courts for Square

18:10 During adjourned. The next meeting — Friday, May 6, at 10:00.

17:20 As a result, the referee stopped the viewing of video blogs Romanchuk with iPhone Mirzayanava. The court then began to explore digital content china Hnedchyk, that have the keywords "Lukashenko," the dictatorship, and more ….

17:05 Viewing video from iPhone Mirzayanava — election speech Romanchuk. "What's the crime?" — Outraged mother Mirzayanava. However, the court looks through the third video blog from the iPhone Mirzayanava Romanchuk. The assistant referee asks to show photos of a personal nature. The judge said: Let's see all that is on the disk.

16:50 The court decided to proceed to the study of the written examination of the case and DVDs. The first study contacts, text messages, videos to iPhone Fedor Mirzayanava. The prosecutor read out the SMS that Fedor sent and received in an area called even emoticons. The voice that calls were made, received and missed calls.

16:45 It turned out that the witness Bogdanovich opened sick leave on May 4. Lawyers insist on recalling the Bogdanovich, as he testifies against Sannikov Khalip Statkevich and Uss others, those allegedly pushed the police officers on the roadway. The judge denied the petition. In the hall are outraged.

16:30 All the witnesses for today questioned. Witness police Povedayko and a student, a member of the BCD Bogdanovich did not attend the meeting, as the first is on a business trip, and the second was ill. The judge decided that their absence is a valid reason and decided to confine their testimony given during the preliminary investigation, although lawyers were against it. Povedayko personally detained Vasiljevic, and Bogdanovich testified that Sannikov allegedly pushed the police on December 19. In the hall are outraged, saying that this police delve answers.

16:20 The judge read the testimony Kienya during the investigation, in which he said he did not see how special forces soldiers beat people, even though he saw the blood on Rymashevsky. The judge could not read without error phrase in the Belarusian language with quote Statkevich: "Now we will go to negotiations …"

16:10 Witness Kienya noted that no threats, calls for aggression and violence, he did not hear mantsirovak and sticks in the hands of the demonstrators had not seen or suspicious bottles. The witness said he did not see that the demonstrators used force against the police.

15:50 Witness Kienya says that he remembers how the police warned the protesters that their action is illegal and in case of disobedience to them will be used "brute force". "The demonstrators wanted to negotiate with the government."

15:40 Witness Kienya"On October Square was a mass of people, was filled with loud music and skating rink. Candidates was not heard, interrupting their music. Only excerpts were heard. Regarding the results of the elections were talking about some kind of independent exit poll. Conducted a report over the phone, so analyze events was not. I remember that the people out of the avenue there was spontaneous, spontaneously, in unison. "

15:30 The next witness Sergei Kienya, employee of the news agency Interfax. The witness said that on December 19 was on October Square and Independence Square as a journalist, covered the activities of law enforcement agencies.

15:15 The next witness — Basil Martos, the driver of the 5th bus fleet of Minsk. The driver told that on December 19 he was working on the second shift on route number 1, and with 21 minutes the clock was difficult to move and had to change the route because there was a demonstration on the road. "I realized that the right to the train station and not finishing the route has changed." Of a police car, which was following the protesters, called to disperse the driver does not chuv.Svedka admitted that he could drive through and along its route, but would have failed to meet the schedule, for which he could lose the bonus. Passengers do not express their nezdavalnenne admitted a witness. He noted that his itinerary often go tuples Lukashenko and his schemes exist detour.

15:05 Witness Andrew Protopit with Absolut. Amen point of this bank was closed prematurely on December 19, about some losses from the demonstration witness could not tell. The judge asks, remember at the preliminary investigation? Witness: I did not question. After the witness showed the protocol, then he remembered that he came to him investigator. This investigator him and explained that the reason for the early closure of the supermarket "Central", where the exchange office of the bank, on the 19th of December — the riots.

14:50 Witness Makau says that the first glass at the Government House beat 1-2 people, their actions did not respond to police, Sannikov was at that time on the podium. "This is a politicized process customized. These people are suffering for Belarus, for me, is crazy here," — it is estimated the process of witness Macau. Makau wanted to read a patriotic poem of one of the defendants, Vladimir Eremenko, but the court did not allow it.

14:30 Witness describes a large number of special forces on December 19: "On this day, in the center of Minsk held a military operation." "Before the dispersal of the people in a good mood, there were displays of aggression." "None of the candidates, not one of the speakers at the rally was not incitement to violence "

14:15 Makau"It broke the windows, and some candidates were trying to stop it, saying that it was a provocation. Me on the Square were not invited, I consciously came to the area, because I know that in our country there is no election. I knew it would be a peaceful protest rally against fraud. When there is no election, when people's rights are not respected, the people have the right to peaceful protest. And there was not a riot, what is now the court is considering. "

14:00 The process is restored. Of those invited to 14.00 6 was the only one witness — Alexander Makau, charge in Belarusian. Makau — individual entrepreneur, one of the leaders of the movement of entrepreneurs. Knows the defendants Sannikov, Eremenko. Makau said he was trustee candidate Nikolai Statkevich, took part in a rally in the Square on December 19.
Makau"In our country there are no democratic elections, so every time I go out to the Square." The witness said that at 20 o'clock on December 19 was about opposition candidates at the Palace of Culture of Trade Unions. Nothing illegal in their speeches heard. On Independence Square were calls for talks with the government, "People were willing to negotiate on the Square, but I do not know who could negotiate."

13:15 Mirzayanav reported that no objects that could be repaired resistance to police, the demonstrators have not been, no ice ax and rods. Lawyer Varvashevich st
ated that it did not record, and "installation, the source of its origin is unknown." But it shows how the police beat people, and none of the protesters does supratsivu.Na video shows that three men beat shields the Government House, and the rest are in the distance and no violent acts are not available. Urged the police to stop illegal actions can not be heard, the lawyer said Varvashevich. A part of the people does not call for violence, people shouting "We are one people, the police and the people." The lawyers also say that the video does not break the chain captures special forces.

13:05 Mirzayanav explained in the Square event, recorded on disc three: "There were no clashes were violent riot beating citizens. I think that they have not all in the head — so beat up people who do not pose any danger."

12:50 The prosecutor asks Vasiljevic, why he was in the chain before the House Government. He says: "In order not to miss the provocateurs." Mirzayanav explained that he was standing in the living hallway near the Government House, to keep out provocateurs, especially those that go out of themselves drunk, including bottles of vodka. "And such were there." Mirzayanav says that the resistance militia he did not commit. Mirzayanav argues that the original glass was broken not by demonstrators and provocateurs even before they came to the Government House. Lawyers point out that the video does not show violent actions or appeals to them, and only calls for talks with the government.

12:40 Sannikov's lawyer Varvashevich draws the attention of the court that the video people behave quietly, some even embrace, and the candidate Sannikov in the video is not. Sannikov's lawyer Kovalevskaya draws the attention of the court that do not lie on the Square no ice ax, cans, mounts that do not have them in the hands of the protesters, and that the police near the site of the incident is not.

12:20 Vasiljevic recognized himself in the video, he hit her. Mirzayanav recognized himself as he shouted slogans at the rally. Vasiljevic said the beating of the doors broken glass, as they pose a threat to humans, so they do not paranoia on the glass.

12:10 Video inspection starts on the case. The first show the disc recording events in the Square with Vasiljevic and Mirzayanava. The screen is mounted sideways to the audience. Recording can only see good defenders and defendants The audience can not see anything at all. "No Movies" — jokes in the hall.

12:00 Hnedchyk abandoned part of the testimony at the preliminary investigation. "I was held pressure after 10 hours of questioning anything pryznaessya. Arrested me almost in his underwear. Lawyer was not in time." Hnedchyk says that some of the phrases he just did not say during the interview. "No one has called for the massacre, all call for negotiations," refutes the words in the interrogation of the preliminary investigation Hnedchyk. He says that some things are not said, but attributed them to him. A protocol signed under duress.

11:50 The court decided to reiterate the testimony of the accused Hnedchyk about events in the Square, the data in the course of the preliminary investigation. The judge found contradictions in his testimony in court and decided to clarify. In his testimony at the preliminary investigation Hnedchyk notes that came to the Square to protest against the fact that Lukashenko was elected many times in a row, and also says that at the Independence Square ran up to the crowd at the Government House to "help the crowd to break into the building," and made several attacks on billboards, and later drove away from the building of the people who hit the glass in the windows. Hnedchyk gave up part of his testimony at the preliminary investigation.

11:15 Questioning for 10 hours caused witnesses over. 6 more witnesses summoned for 14 hours. The court shall consider the written documents of the case, we study the 7 volumes of the case. Minutes of the inspection and seizure of objects during body searches Sannikov, a resolution on the recognition of real evidence of a mobile phone, a statement about the dangers of McDonald's at 8,000,000 rubles, and other materials. "Minsktrans" required due to the cessation of transport on the avenue compensation 159,000. "Absolut" has no claims, florist announces earnings fall 19 December.

In the criminal case were applications for opening Sannikov official campaign accounts to register them to the CEC 30 trustees, reports on the state border crossing them, requests drug dispensaries certificate from the traffic police about the car.

11:00 The next witness Paul Haiduk, Head of the legal department of the enterprise "Belevrasetka." The witness said that his organization has a network of cellular shops. December 19 is one of the salons in vniversame "Central" has stopped working an hour earlier than usual, at 21 instead of 22 hours, as he closed Supermarket: "Why? I can only assume that, in connection with the meeting. Skoda property was not. LOST PROFITS as not ".

10:40 The next witness Oleg Glove, Deputy Head of the Minsk metro. The witness told the court that on December 19 the work was not. But know that in the evening of that day were closed two underground stations — "October" and "Kupalovskaya." The reason — the massive event on October Square, this was done to prevent overloading of passenger traffic, for security purposes. "Direct damage was not any damage and loss of profit, I think that was. Calculate this loss of profit is not possible." The stations were closed for the indication of police, said the witness. "The practice in the metro, which has already been formed."

10:30 In questioning during the investigation, the witness said that the Palace has suffered material loss is from the meeting, as were stopped by various circles. The court read the testimony. Now he has other evidence, he says he does not have reliable information that the courses and clubs have been transferred, that those statements were recorded by the investigator according to the employee "only partially." Courses and clubs have been moved, not eliminated, because the gas was the polling station and was preparing for a Christmas party. The witness does not know where it came from in the amount of 2.5 million of losses. In fact, a witness for the prosecution supports the defendants.

An aggression on the part of the demonstrators witness could not say anything, noted that there were only loud cries. At the same classes in the palace have been transferred well before the meeting — about a week, says witness.

10:10 Witness Alexandrov said that the work of the Palace on Dec. 19 was suspended in connection with the preparation of New Year's morning, and the fact that at the entrance of the palace were about 200 people. "Access is not limited, as these events were not planned in the palace." On the material damage from the palace of the rally was nothing he could not explain. In a criminal case there is a document that the loss of the department of art Palace of 2.5 million rubles.

10:00 Fedor Mirzayanava there was a replacement lawyer. Instead of Galiyev will advocate Novik. Ongoing ex
amination of witnesses. First Andrei Alexandrov, Officer of the Palace of Culture of Trade Unions.

9:40 The mother of Andrei Sannikov and Fedor Mirzayanava Alla Sannikov and Lyudmila Mirzayanava written application to the court to settle the issue of the presence of unauthorized persons in the trial. Today in the courtroom again came about 30 students who took all the back rows. Alla Sannikov and Lyudmila Mirzayanava believe that letting random people in the hall, the organizers of the meeting worsen the conditions for its implementation.

Today in the court room had a large screen on which obviously will be shown video footage of the events on the Square

Mother Theodore Mirzayanava political prisoner along with his classmates in the courtroom

May 5 witnesses were two former presidential candidate: Vitaly Rymashevski and Yaroslav Romanchuk.

Also on May 4 court went on to study the written materials of the case. The meeting ended with the prosecutor read a volume business.

The trial Vinogradov Kirkevich, thrushes, Homichenko Protasenya. The first day
The trial Vinogradov Kirkevich, thrushes, Homichenko Protasenya. The second day
The trial Vinogradov Kirkevich, thrushes, Homichenko, Protasenya. The third day

Andrei Sannikov

Born in Minsk on March 8, 1954. He graduated from the Minsk State Institute of Foreign Languages, the Diplomatic Academy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the USSR in Moscow. Fluent in four languages. Work for the Society for Friendship with Foreign Countries, the UN Secretariat in New York, was an adviser Mission of the Republic of Belarus in Switzerland.

In1995-1996 years. — Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Belarus. Left that post in November 1996 in protest against the referendum. In November 1997, he became the founder and international coordinator of the civil initiative "Charter 97".

In 2008 he initiated the civil campaign "European Belarus".

Awarded to Kreisky in the protection of human rights (2005).

The presidential candidate of the Republic of Belarus in the elections in 2010.

Vladimir Eremenok

Born in Miory. Entered Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radio Electronics. At the time of his arrest was a student of 2nd year.

Member of the "Young Front". Member of the Plaza in 2010. Detained by the security services December 20, 2010 after a picket of solidarity with political prisoners in front of the Government House.

For this he was sentenced to 15 days in jail, which he served in Zhodino jail. Upon leaving there was called as a witness for questioning by the KGB, which ended 7-night arrest for Akrestin.

January 28 arrested for the third time, this time as a suspect in the case of the riots. Is in custody in the KGB prison. Charged with criminal article "Riots".

Ilya Vasilevich

Born in 1991 Baranovichi.

Entered Minsk Polytechnic College. Excellent student, was the head of the group.

Ilya served 10 days in jail for taking part in a protest on December 19 and was allowed to go home. He reported that the administration of the Minsk Polytechnic College excludes it from the school.

5 January a young man was invited to the college administration for signing the relevant papers, but in an educational institution Elijah waited KGB officers who had arrested a young man for investigation of the criminal case.

Oleg Hnedchyk
He was born in 1986. Member of the "Young Front".

In 2003-2005. detained by the police and sentenced to administrative arrests. In July 2003, a juvenile was arrested for distribution of information materials "MF" in Minsk.

In 2006 he was sentenced to 12 days in jail for taking part in the camp.
Detained on January 6. Until January 9, was in custody and was released. March 25 accused of involvement in the riots. Contained in prison Valadarski Street.

Fedor Mirzayanav

Born in 1990 in Baranavichy. In 2008 he enrolled in the Faculty of Management of the Belarusian State Economic University with a degree of "economic kibernetyka."

During the election campaign was in command of the presidential candidate Yaroslav Romanchuk.

After the events of December 19 served 15 days in jail in a detention facility Zhodino.

After the arrest of 25 January 2011 he was charged with involvement in the mass byspadarkah. Contained in prison Valadarski Street.

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