Crocodile from the Kuban River, was also killed mysteriously as it had appeared

November 24, 2011 14:45

Three months ago, the news, appearing in the Kuban River crocodile is perceived more as a joke. The only witnesses predator habitat in the water were athletes. First reptile said coach Krasnodar school rowing and canoeing. He sailed on a boat near the park Sunny Island when he saw five hundred meters away something strange.

 — Thought it was a snag, but when she waved her tail and went under the water, raise the alarm — told us then deputy director of the school, Marina Gordienko. — Later nose boat collided with a predator is another athlete.

In "Safari Park", the zoo, located nearby, immediately disown — a predator is not ours, we have everything in place. The nearest Crocodile Farm is located more than 100 kilometers from kraytsentra — reach certainly could not. Then where did he come from?

— The owner, to see, to feed the voracious pet sick, so he washed it and the toilet — gag citizens. Judging by the fact that wanting to splash in the warm river did not become less seriously the news no one took.

Rescuers still began hunting crocodiles. Along the shore of snares and traps with meat and chased the boats in the water area. Mayor of Krasnodar Vladimir Evlanov then even offered to come up with a name and intruder already was looking for him nursery.

Experts, in turn, immediately rendered animal sentence, they say, if it is not caught before the cold weather, it will perish. Because water temperature is below 15 degrees for a deadly crocodiles.

However, before frost predator never lived. Yesterday in Krasnodar rowing base in reeds found a dead crocodile. Body length is 142 cm crocodile, he probably belongs to the species Cayman. Judging by appearance, he lay there for several days.

— It found our coach Paul Bezverkhy together with his pupil in preparation for a competition, — told us at the base. — A crocodile on the side was a large wound. Perhaps someone had stabbed.

However, veterinarians are skeptical that the animal died from the human hand.

— And what a knife! What are you laughing at? These predators molniesnosnaya reaction, the man in my life to cope with a crocodile! — Sure specialists. — Most likely, the poor fellow has got a screw motorboat. Was wounded, crawled ashore there and died. In any case, until the results of the examination, the findings do early. We need to study the animal's body.

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