Culprit Sknilovskoy catastrophe claims that the plane shot down UFO

1 January 2013 20:37

Convicted on charges of Sknilovskoy catastrophe Vladimir Toponar believes he was hit by a UFO.

"Everything does not happen spontaneously. Everything is controlled. Sknilovskaya tragedy was driven action. UFO attacked me, "- he said, adding that the alien saucer flew out of the trees, and hit his plane. However, it can only be seen using a special technique.

The man is currently serving a sentence in a penal colony № 115 in the village Zikrachi, reports TSN with reference to the program "taboo."

Everything in his life has changed Sknilovskaya tragedy, which killed 77 people. But his fault he did not recognize.

Management of the institution allows prisoners not to live in the walls of the colony, and to go to the settlement. Took advantage Toponar.

Former pilot did not know: a hat, a dirty jacket and work gloves, and even ten years ago was the best of the Ukrainian military pilots.

Recall that the July 27, 2002 at a military airfield in the fall Sknyliv Su-27 killed 77 people, including 28 children. Another 500 people are recognized by the court as victims.

June 24, 2005 of the Central Military Court of Appeal in Lviv region announced the verdict of six pilots. At this time, is serving a prison sentence in a pilot Vladimir Toponar.

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