Currencies not. Waiting …

Belarus currency market for the second month in a paralyzed state. Legally acquire dollars or euros at exchange points is almost impossible, the interbank market froze in anticipation of greater certainty, and on the black market for currency transactions exceeding the official rate of 50-70%.
According to official statistics, in March of commercial banks in Belarus losses exceeded $ 40 million and over 1 trillion rubles — primarily through an imbalance in the purchase and sale transactions, and premature rupture of contracts for foreign currency and ruble deposits. And the most distinctive was the last ten days of the month, when the Belarusian currency bought for 263 million dollars, and sold half of that — 139 million. Total population in March bought the currency more than sold for 718 million dollars.
As a result — the almost complete cessation of activity in the last month. National Bank has ceased to sell the currency for exchange, but it is in no hurry to devalue. Exchangers are now more like an element of decor in which, partly through inertia, duty, those who hope to buy dollars so low euro rate.
As they say in banks refuse exchangers is not planned — not in order to save, or even for security reasons. Desperate people sometimes lead right to turn even his fists. That's what was told in the office of the Belarusian National Bank:
"No, we did not close, working all the exchangers. And, as in all other paragraphs in other banks, the currency that comes, it is sold in its entirety. Ie — that individuals pass, then we sell ".
Reporter: "So there are occasions when the rent at the official rate, is there? '.
"Yes, there is, of course."
Reporter: "And yet the amount is less than before?".
"Of course, no comparison …".
According to the National Bank, in the last week of March, banks took an average daily around 20 million dollars, sold, almost twice as many — 37 million. The current statistics is not made public, but it is known that the internal reserves of the banks for this purpose have not spent more than a month.
However, it is said witnesses, the police arranged for cleanup of areas where people gather around exchangers undesirable. Here, in particular, were the National Airport "Minsk", hotels and casinos. There, as calculated "currency Hunters", most likely to the fact that foreigners having no alternative, or fear of contact with currency dealers will take their dollars and euros. Visitors to the airport say that the police are interested in right to stay in the airport, and if there are no grounds may be asked to leave the building.
The Economic Observer Maxim Ultra said: as long as law enforcement agencies are struggling with ordinary citizens, in the twilight zone of someone actively earns:
"Obviously, someone on this well earned. Any person who has a degree in economics to understand that is the worst. Actually earn on the black market all sorts of illegal aliens out there who are buying dollars and euros and then resell at speculative prices . On the other hand — the market is, in fact, does not work, because the state does not receive any tax on imports or inflows from sales. And in such a situation, there is nothing left, as finally implement the recommendations of the International Monetary Fund, and cut income people to real size. Previously we simply eat up money lending, which did not earn, but now there is no other way out but to cut people wages.'s not in shape. "
Neakreslenastsi of the financial market is suffering more and more business entities. Although the chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions of Belarus Leonid Kozik Labor Day questioned the data of the National Statistical Committee — say, authorities said 600,000 people fixed on indefinite leave, do not really want to work for yourself — the facts suggest otherwise. Says Deputy Director of Enterprise "Belarusian drink" Dmitry Dayneko, lack of freely available currency directly affects the manufacturing sector:
"Of course, it affected us, like all the others. Situation impacted negatively on us, it's a fact. First of all, the problem of calculation. Need a currency that, for example, a bottle with Ukraine or Russia to pay. Nor can purchase a container. And what automatically increased on almost all prices — those labels, corks, all become more expensive. "
Reporter: "Accordingly, there is no other way out but to lay all cost?".
"Well, yes. Only thing that saves, so it exports, the fact that we sell products for the currency of the European Union.'s Why we a little easier. When it comes to currency buyers, for their calculations for ingredients, packaging, we then have the currency" .
Meanwhile, National Bank continues to strengthen against the logic of the Belarusian ruble. Is scheduled for May 5 new official rate — 3007 rubles per dollar.

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