Curse of the television show

November 13, 2011 22:45

In the past, on location was a small cemetery, where during the persecution of the church atheists burned six hundred icons shooting was a small cemetery, where during the persecution of the church atheists burned six hundred icons

Given how many people are involved in the film and TV production, it would be strange if it were not for movies and TV shows, which is called "curse" that is carrying its creators death. In the U.S., such as the examples often cited blockbuster "Poltergeist", "The Omen" and "Superman." In Italy, the same talk about the movie "Marie Forever", and in Bulgaria — the film "Goat's horn."

 From the same category and Bulgarian TV show "Patriotic Front", which is going through in recent years, a veritable "black line." The format of the program is simple: through a series of interviews leading OB audience is ordinary people who lived through extraordinary stories.

But over the past two years, as the British newspaper The Guardian, at least six characters television show died shortly after it took part in it. The first was the ex-offender Marin Rosato, who died under the most mysterious circumstances a few days after the interview with him was withdrawn.

Next up was 85-year-old woman named Gena, said her feet eaten dog — she died in her sleep.

Program member Ivanka Arsov, 62-year-old owner was crying real tears icon of the Virgin and Child, killed undiagnosed cancer. Shortly before that, she said she came to her a stranger, and said that God is calling her.

In April 2011, there was the last case in this series, when the medicine man Halil Baev, who also took part in the filming of "Fatherland Front", was killed in a fire that destroyed his home.

Initially Baeva time to save, and he would have survived if it had not returned to the burning house to try to get his black cat.

Representatives of the channel Nova TV, which goes on air "Fatherland Front", said The Guardian, they were aware of the alleged curse and "investigate what is happening."

After that, the Bulgarian media reported that people in large numbers began to decline to participate in the filming of the next edition of the show, fearing the same fate as already dead. A condition of anonymity employees broadcaster said that the curse is real and has left his gypsy witch, of which one of the programs it was a lot of unpleasant things.

Then sounded the wish to spend in the studio "Patriotic Front" appropriate exorcism to neutralize the strength of the curse.

Victim of the invisible ROCK

In the U.S. at the time was considered cursed humorous show "Saturday Night Live." In particular, the victim of an unknown fate, pursuing many of those who had been involved with the creation of this program, in 1998, was a famous American comedian Phil Hartman.

When calling the neighbors, the police arrived to the luxury Hollywood actor's home, they heard a shot. In the house of the guards found the body of a humorist, who, according to pathologists, had been dead for several hours, and next to him was his wife's body. It was she who, by the police, killed her first husband, and then, when she heard sirens of police cars, decided to commit suicide.

Press Find out what Hartman was not averse to hit on the young actress, and during stormy spouse wife decided to end muchivshimi her suspicions once and for all, and then realized what he had done, she shot herself.

The death of 49-year-old Hartman, who became the next member of the "Saturday Night Live", has once again proved that it is not for nothing this transfer credited to the category of unlucky.

Among the participants, who was tragically killed, journalists remembered the famous comic actor John Belushi, who died at age 33 from a drug overdose, 42-year-old Hilde Radner, who died of cancer, and died of a sudden heart attack Michael Donohue and comedian Chris Farley.

In the house of the guards found the body of comedian Phil Hartman, and next to him was his wife's body

"Dom-2" pursue misery

Russian television many "damned" is a popular show "Dom-2", the members of which, coming to the youth TV show, become more aggressive, angry and mentally unstable, as evidenced by the constant scandals, widely reported in the press. However, the cause of these scandals, according to many psychics, is not only an enclosed space, but karma is a mysterious place.

Callow around Moscow, the city Dedovsk, on which stands the studio and the TV show pavilions, local residents believe damned place.

As it turned out a little investigation by journalists in the past on location was a small cemetery, where during the persecution of the church atheists burned six hundred icons. According to the participants in the TV show, the place on which to build "Dom-2" cursed, "There's something uncomfortable, — said one of the ex-participants of the project. — As if the situation itself draws strength from the young and initially healthy participants. "

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