D.: The fear of the power increases …

Despite the demands of the international community to immediately release all those arrested, authorities still do not respond to these calls. How can we explain this? Opinions of Belarusian politicians.

Head of the organization "Human Rights Alliance", which registered in Vilnius, Lyudmila Graznova sees several reasons for the behavior of the authorities:

"Uncertainty in the power of the forces, weak legitimacy in society. So it's only one thing — to intimidate society. Due to this and there are courts reach a judgment that does not really correspond to the current legislation."

Alexander Dobrovolskyand, a member of the Political Council of the United Civil Party, in the first place puts the fear of power, which increases amid financial difficulties:

Authorities themselves confused and do not know how this situation get out now

"I think everything is pretty easy. Most important goal of Lukashenko — the power to save. And all that threatens it, even indirectly, he perceives as hostile. And therefore there can be no logic. All the more so, that the economic crisis clearly shows — the Belarusian economy is inefficient. And it adds to the fear. "

Deputy Chairman of the Central Council of the Belarusian Social Democratic Gromada Svetlana Gubeyko believes that the authorities do not know how best to extinguish the judicial orgy:

"I think that power very confused and does not know how of this situation Now get out. I believe that Lukashenko does not have good advisers. After all, one can see how much power is already break the wood. "

Mrs. Gubeyko predicts, the most harsh sentences are still ahead.

"My personal opinion is that the most appropriate figure to the president of Belarus — is Andrei Sannikov. He was a diplomat, a conscious and educated man. And so I think that it will be submitted to Sannikov most cruel sentence."

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