DaArias. Dawn and the Great Flood

September 9, 2012 9:52

If you try to … embrace the idea of modern science in all its branches, it would be like trying to star at a glance see the person dome of the sky. Far we have come in their studies, but still infinitely far from understanding the world!
So far there is no consensus on the origin of man, it is somehow justified. But what to call the process of "re-writing" history when transfer flaws or deliberate distortions were introduced and passed on from one century to the next generation to this day?

So many people chose their history, and the Russian people, according to current beliefs, all measured out, only about a thousand years … Who and where were our ancestors? Where is the sacred land of Slavic and Aryan people?

Interest in the historical roots of human been and always will be.
In particular, among the currently prevailing alternative points of view on the history of a hypothesis of the existence in ancient times a vast state in Siberia with a multi-ethnic population, including a significant weight had the ancient Slavs.
Her supporters refer to this state Russenia and claim that it existed until the Middle Ages, up to 1530, when hordes Jungars captured the capital of the weakened powers — the city of Asgard Erie, located on the Irtysh River at the site of today Omsk. But first things first …

Today I want to invite readers to travel to the legendary holy land and Daar (second part) in Belovodie, ancient ancestral home of the Aryans and Slavs. Drawing on sources listed below and articles Velislava father, Diya (chapter) of the Spiritual Administration Asgardskoy Vesey Belovodye, Master of Divinity, History and Philosophy, in the world of Alexander Nazarovich Byhovtseva.

Let's see what we are told ancient legends, epics and chronicles the various nations, as well as existing in Russia adherents of the ancient faith of the Slavs — Ynglings-conservatives, on the origin of man and the existence of an ancient advanced civilization ..


(Aka: Arctida, Hyperborea, the North, Arktogeya …)

According to legend, about 1.5 billion years ago, was made the first emergency landing on Midgard-Earth aliens from outer space, because of the broken "heavenly chariot" — a spacecraft. On Vaitmar were representatives of four nations allied Lands of the Great Race: Childbirth Aryans — h'Ariytsy, da'Ariytsy; Childbirth Slavs — and Raseny Svyatoruss.
After repairs Vaitmar, the crew flew (back "to heaven"), and some stayed on Midgard-earth. Those who remained on the Midgard-earth were called aces.

These were people with white skin. Iris of the eye of each of the clans had different colors: green had h'Ariytsy; silver — da'Ariytsy, heavenly — Svyatoruss; fire — Russ. Eye color depends on what kind of sun light to people of these genera in their native lands.

Our ancestors inhabited continent in the future at the North Pole of the planet, coming to land in the constellation Ursa Minor, Orion, Cygnus (the Big Dipper) and White Leopard or Pardus (Beta Leo).

First in A? Then 460,530 profit Yes `Aryans.
Mainland chosen for settlement, star travelers called Daar — (gift of Aryans — Gods). The sun shone all the time, was the eternal day, as described in the Tale (Volume 4th Slavic-Aryan Vedas).
And other ancient sources also indicate that the North Pole existed mainland. In particular, the ancient Indian epic "Mahabharata" says:
"Milk in the North Sea (Arctic Ocean) is a large island, known as Shweta dvipa … — a country blessed, there Navel — Center of the World, around which the sun, moon and stars."

Last in the A? Then Raseny 185,778 profit. This Slavic Rod Thule (Thule — fire) came from the solar system Zlata Dazhdbog from Earth Ingard, the annual period of rotation is 576 days, and called themselves Dazhdbozhimi grandchildren.

So our ancestors not from apes and not "from Adam and Eve," there have been, and came from the depths of space. Prior to their arrival on this planet, no other people, just humanoid creatures, incapable of spiritual growth — monkey (he is without yang, ie without the positive spiritual energy of yang).

Runetotem According to the chronicles, 300 thousand years ago, the appearance of the Midgard-Earth was completely different. The Sahara was the sea. Indian Ocean — the land. Strait of Gibraltar was not. The Russian plain, where Moscow is located, was the Western Sea. In the Arctic Ocean was a large continent Da'Arias. Western Siberia filled West Sea.

In Omsk was a large island, the one island of Buyan, referred to in "The Tale of Tsar Saltan" AS Pushkin. Through the island of Buyan river flowed Iriy quietest (Irtysh).

Daar linked to the mainland by the Isthmus of mountain — Riphean (Ural) mountains. River Ra (Volga) flowed not into the Caspian (Khvalynskoye) Sea and the Black Sea. And, most importantly, the planet had no tilt on its axis and has a warm and mild climate in northern latitudes than at present.

And so began the development of the Earth's birth Da'Ariytsev, h'Ariytsev, Rasen and Svyatoruss.
"A Jarilo-Sun did not want to go to bed, to continuously monitor Rasichey good deeds."

Darius was divided by four rivers 4 provinces SMAD, Harrah, Rai and Tula, where the city was, and Tula — the city of craftsmen, who supplied the inhabitants of the country all the necessary tools and mechanisms. Tradition says that the tools and magic crystals were able, without harming the natural environment, to change the world. This is probably why the German occult and political society was called "Tula" in an effort to achieve glory, prosperity and power inherent in the North Daarija.

Located in the middle of the continent's Great Lake Rotary — internal hyperborean sea with a large island, which was founded by the capital of the Holy Countries — Asgard Daariysky. At its heart is the greatest radiant Sacred Center of the World — The Great Pyramid of Peace (Meru), with the surrounding megalithic structures and spiraling road.

There is a theory that the lake is really constantly spinning, and the pole is a giant basin crust.

This geographical structure axis Hyperboreans used not only as a safety feature of the lithospheric disasters, but also as a kind of cosmic "antenna", through which they communicate with extraterrestrial intelligence. They communicated with the spirits of the elements, combined with the energy of his spirit of the Earth, and the element of the mind becomes like the nervous system of the planet, people and planet form a coherent whole.

It's no wonder our ancestors called themselves Asami (on drevleslovenskom acb language — it is God incarnate in a human body). Their fathers were highly intelligent beings who now call made by the Gods. The descendants of the Great Race Rod Heaven gained from them the ancient faith, the knowledge about the structure of the Cosmos and began to glorify their gods, ancestors.

Descendent of the heavenly life on our planet have repeatedly undergone radical changes as a result of cosmic catastrophes. In turn the disaster, according to conservatives, Ynglings were often the result of struggle between good and evil in the universe.

First Great Flood occurred as a result of destruction of small arms tectonic Moon Lely. Event happened in 109,807 BC …
At that time, around Midgard-Earth revolved three Moon: Lola, Fattah and Month. Lola — a small moon with a period of 7 days, Fatta — average moon with an orbital period of 13 days and months — a big moon with a period of 29.5 days.

At Lele, according to legend, for the invasion of Midgard focused koschei (representatives of the "world hell", including ten thousand planets). It was they who sought to create Koshcheeva kingdom referred to in Russian fairy tales …

To prevent capture of the planet son of God Perun Tarkh who came out Zlata Dazhdbog Ingard-Sun from Earth (from the constellation Leo Beta, speaking in modern), paid a pre-emptive strike by Lele. Since she was wearing 50 salty seas on the planet hit the mass of water and debris destroyed a celestial body.

This is reflected also Santee Perun Veda: "… These Kaschei, the rulers of the Grays, vanished along with the moon in half … but paid for the freedom of Midgard Daar, dark waters of the Great Flood … flood that created the moon to Earth from heaven they fell down a rainbow, for the moon torn apart and Ratiu Svarozhich in Midgard down … ".

Impact area of huge fragments coincided with the North Pole. The axis of the planet shifted and Da'Arias disappeared under the waters of the great flood. Remains on the surface of high-Daarija example, modern Greenland, Franz Josef Land.
However Childbirth Great Race and Rod Heaven, ie White people are not killed with Daar as the death of the continent and the disaster was predicted long before sorcerer named Saviour.

Some of the people escaped by climbing on Wightman (spacecraft) to low Earth orbit, the other move (teleported) through the Stargate Mezhdumirya in Halls Bear (Big Dipper) in possession da'ariytsev.

But most of the people started to move Daarija the isthmus formed Riphean Mountains (Urals) between East and West seas around the island of Buyan (West-Siberian Uplands) and left to settle in the Urals and Siberia. 16-year-old transition from the homeland to the northern Eurasian continent ended in 109,810 BC

After following the relocation of the flood, after the salvation of the people was established holiday PASKHET (abbreviation letters — By Asa Hodyashe this), which translated to h'ariyskoy runic writing means "the way in which were aces."

Since then, every sixteenth summer (year) our ancestors praised Rod Heaven for the salvation from the flood.

Rite hit dyed boiled eggs each other on this holiday was designed to resemble a victory over Tarh Perunovicha Koshcheev. Broken egg called egg Koshcheev, and it symbolized the moon Lelia destroyed, and the whole egg — because Tarh Dazhdbog.

Thus, we emphasize, represent our ancient history chronicles and legends of the Old Believers.
And so, Slavic-Aryan people that have fallen to Earth from Daarija Belovodye (Russenia), first settled in the island of Buyan and habitable shore Iria quietest.

Over time, after the complete disappearance Daarija, Western and Eastern sea retreated, and Genera of the Great Race and Rod Heaven inhabited earth, formerly the seabed.

All belonged to the northern hemisphere the white race. Black Sea — Rossian sea. Baltic — Slovenian sea. White Sea — The cold ocean. Ob Bay — Tartariyskoe sea.
Birth of the Great Race sailed into the Atlantic and America. The seas were warm.

Many modern scholars believe that Da'Arias (most used name Hyperborea) existed and now rests on the bottom of the Arctic Ocean.
Surprisingly, Tibet is not only preserved the memory of Hyperborea — in Tibet begins the path that leads to the Great Pyramid of Meru, to which there are indications of the ancients.
There is also a copy of the card Daarija, published in 1595 by Gerard Mercator's son, Rudolph.
Continent Da'Arias (Hyperborea) Mercator map, XVI century., "Holy Da'Arias country."
Gerardus Mercator (5.3.1512-2.12.1594) — Latinized name of Gerard Kremer (and Latin, and German surname means "merchant"), a Flemish cartographer and geographer, is on the cards, for the most part, went on the seas medieval sailors.

He copied them from some ancient maps, which held in secret — because art cartographer well paid. One of the maps Daarija copied from the wall of one of the pyramids of Giza (Egypt).

By the way, the mainland Arctida depicted on the maps of Mercator is very detailed.
North polar region clearly visible right circular inland sea, four broad stream of ocean water, tending to the pole, in the form of a huge cross, and the outlines of shoreline adjacent to Arctis continents.

Unravel the mystery of the map tried many cartographers. Insuperable difficulties encountered in its understanding among researchers because the work on her Mercator used ancient sources — three different cards made by different cartographers, at different times, in different projections and with different levels of accuracy.

But the main feature was that the cards, the primary sources of the Arctic Basin area depicted in different periods of geological time. Some reflect the shape of Hyperborea and surrounding mainland to the flood and the deviation of the axis of the Earth, the other — after.

But we know that in ancient times the Great Pyramid of Atlantis watched its northern edge to the north to the southern edge of Meru, there also watched the plane of the north wall of Kailash in Tibet. Now, this is a deviation from the path of the modern North Pole is 15 ° west of north.

By logical reasoning, calculation and accounting shift the Earth's axis (more here …), Valery Uvarov finds that the territory of Greenland — a place where there was a heart of Hyperborea.
But the ancient Tibetan tradition says that:
"White Island is the only area that escaped the common fate of all the continents after the disaster. It can not be destroyed nor water, nor fire, for it is the Eternal Earth "!

And more, the Mercator map very accurately describes the topography of the seabed, showing what vast territories occupied north of Siberia before the flood.
If we take the view that this region of Siberia submerged, according to some experts, hundreds of thousands of years ago, then the existence of ancient advanced civilization that mapped this area in the distant prehistoric times, it is obvious, and the only possible explanation for the accuracy of the map at this point Mercator .

After the flood, people were not able to make these cards.
If not an ancient advanced civilization, who mapped with such precision landmass which sank?

Ancient northern land, "such a paradise, where reigned the" golden age ", is described in Russian epics, Indian" Rigveda "Iranian" Avesta ", in Chinese and Tibetan historical records, the German epic, in Celtic and Norse mythology.
In its own called Daar different peoples: Arctida, Hyperborea, the North, Arktogeya etc. And they point out that the land was inhabited since ancient times nice people — the children of the "gods."

Their descendants carry a particular gene, the spiritual power "Pharn", which, like the legendary phoenix reborn once, saving and play a pivotal role in the fate of civilization.

The few who felt a call of this, looking for the legendary land where "from the beginning of life on Earth has a source of life." Sought to touching the source, awaken a radiant life force, the possession of which gives happiness and power.

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