Dairy opened in Almetyevsk (Rep. of Tatarstan)

Performance of the plant "Avyl cell" — 10 tons per shift. The project cost about 16 million rubles for its implementation were drawn credit facilities planned payback period — 3 years. Start of production allowed to create 11 jobs. Production of "Avyl cell" is implemented in its own stores and consumer society in trade networks of the city.


Half of the cost of equipment for the "Avyl cell" — 2.5 million rubles — was subsidized by the program "50 to 50". The plant is located in the procurement agency in the newly renovated and equipped for this purpose a former warehouse. Today the product range includes 10 items, consumer society in the future plans to release sausage cheese, cottage cheese and yogurt masses. Packaging milk products, the plant will not only in plastic bags, but also plastic bottles, boxes.

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