Dairy Plant Terra Food production increased by 17.4%

Belotserkovskii Dairy, part of a group of companies"Terra Food", In January-June 2013 produced 20.2 thousand tons of dairy products, up 17.4% compared to the same period in 2012, reportsThe "case".


In general, growth of production by the end of 2013 is projected at 20% — up to about 43.2 thousand tons

In 2012, BMC has produced 36 thousand tons of dairy products. In the structure of 36% is milk, 21% — yogurt, 10% — milk for ice cream and shakes for the network, "McDonald's", 8% — sour cream.

An estimated BMC on June 2013, he held 57% of the Ukrainian market of pasteurized milk in glass bottles (PET containers — 13%), 71% of the market of feta cheese, 19% — granular curd.

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