Dangerous than New Year corporate

New Year — is probably the only holiday, who was waiting with impatience and celebrate the envy of all foreign neighbors is all Russian citizens. In fact, to relax and how to celebrate the New Year, we are given every year for over a week. On January 1, start hiking on relatives corporatives, meeting with many friends and acquaintances. And, as a rule, every meal certainly accompanied by a certain amount of alcohol. As a result, sadly admit it, a few days later the symbolic raising of glasses of the chime of bells can easily turn into a completely uncontrolled drinking of alcoholic beverages.

For a long time it is no secret that for narcologists New Year holidays — this is one of the most difficult periods of the year. The number of people who seek help for severe alcohol intoxication, alcohol poisoning, with a request to withdraw from the binge, increases several times. The reason for this state of affairs, in addition to family and friendly feasts, can be considered as working parties and corporate events. Organize New Year corporate — it is almost the duty of every self-respecting company. And, of course, no alcohol such holiday is complete.

Each the employee has worked hard all year, and now the New Year, everyone has a legitimate reason to rest and relax a bit. However, the reality is quite different, and the traditional "rest and relaxation" goes far beyond the concept of "a little". It is clear that the alcoholic at corporate you will not find in solid companies, they usually do not stay. Corporate participants — is largely successful and popular employees. However, in the morning headache, memory refuses to play the events of last night, and conscience torments of those passages of memories that have been able to recover from conversations with colleagues.


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How are corporate parties in the majority of Russian companies, is well known. Of course, there are exceptions, but all too often turns into a formal event riotous party, and one of the main purposes of the event is alcohol. This happens at all corporate events, regardless of the subject matter and the original cause. Specificity of the holidays is only in the fact that the non-working days to order more. So, corporate booze can smoothly flow into another, then the next and so on until the last weekend. The realization of what happened usually comes in the evening of the final day of rest, when to get up in the morning as early as 6:30 am and have to be at work on time.

Well, if in the morning you could hardly, but alone get out of bed if unable to get rid of a hangover a couple of pills and folk remedies, good, if behind the backs of your colleagues are whispering more than your own. But even better — to avoid all this by simply telling yourself "enough" after a few glasses. A bit limiting himself in alcohol, you will never regret it the next morning and at a time when once again meet with colleagues after the Christmas holidays. If you avoid the consequences of corporate did not succeed, and to cope with them alone is not possible, the best way — to go directly to a specialist, which help recover from the holidays. In the clinic, "Alkomed" you are always ready to provide all necessary assistance to cleanse and revitalize the body, removal of hard drinking, and the job you will be able to return to full strength.

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