David Wilcock — Will 2012 the year of freedom?

October 29, 2012 1:23

David Wilcock - Will 2012 the year of freedom?

Will we see in the very near future, incredible changes for the better? Will the end of the Mayan calendar in triumph and not a disaster? It's time to share the information I've heard about the major changes that we are about to see. I hope you enjoy!

The guidance calls for a radical change of plan

Many people have complained that since the publication of the last article I did not write anything for a long time. I apologize. There are times when the quality is much more important than quantity. And this is one of them. When it started, I did not know that this shall receive the prolonged "meditative recovery."

Shortly after the completion of the previous article, I finally began to sleep well. Along with a healthy sleep came and data, given the fact that for 20 years I am recording and analyzing dreams every morning. Previously, I was in such a stress that every day we get only crumbs and pieces of information (if anything got), especially in July and August.

As soon as I started to have a good rest and published the previous article, a series of intense dreams conveyed a very strong message. I called (almost demanded) to change plans. Radically. I explicitly asked to leave all of what I have worked — a very complex material, including dozens of articles that I've gathered about the scandal with LIBOR, mass arrests, the Illuminati and to focus on the nature (what you want).

Stop fighting!

And that's what is most important: that a number of vivid dreams (some — just a nightmare) called full stop "fighting" with the negative elite. In the most significant dream with me strongly fought very evil character-Illuminati. He seemed like a literal incarnation of Lucifer. He had goat's ears, and coal-black eyes, and, in general, he looked young and wealthy man, dressed in an elegant tuxedo tailoring.

This was a party with a lot of top elite invited people. All the men were dressed like him, and the women were shining, luxurious and elegant evening dresses and lots of diamonds. It seemed that they were under some kind of his hypnotic control.

Abduction of his girlfriend

Somehow, I was among those invited to the party. There was an attractive woman who I recognized my old friend. She showed me a strong romantic interest. I did not know that something strange happens. She was glad to see me and wanted to do something about it — as soon as possible.

I was shocked when athletic man down from the ceiling right next to her and started drilling me with her eyes. First, he spoke harshly to her, and she felt ashamed. She turned away and hid her face. Then — CLICK! He turned to me. Suddenly, his eyes were coal black, and the ears — a goat. I almost felt sick with fear.

He was Lucifer, and, apparently, I was trying to steal his girlfriend! I understood that he holds all under hypnotic control. I was the only one who could see what it looks like in reality. The woman tried to resist sluggish, quite a bit, and I stayed completely out of control.

He got very angry

My "treachery" greatly angered him. He attacked me, shouting all kinds of insults. For some reason, I remained perfectly calm, went into the "warrior mode" and was completely sure that'll win. Suddenly I found that I have the same abilities as him, including teleportation, telekinesis, and so on, but I have all turned out much better.

Fight was truly grand, and could turn into an incredible movie script, if done as needed. Forget about the Matrix. He would have been crazy. While he was attacking me, the guests at the party continued to walk, laugh and drink champagne, as if nothing had happened, even when staff flew around them.

In the battle I was not hurt, I was not even touched. On his part was more bravado and attempt to cause fear. He said a lot of scary things, appearing and disappearing from the room, but I did not manage to catch it.

Devastate SKELETON

After a lengthy fight, in which he seemed to be more and more weakened, there was a sudden change of scenery. Now with a few people, I was in a room next to the hall party. She looked archaic sound, made of weathered wood with hay on the floor.

Three guys and I were standing, hand in hand, and looked at a decaying skeleton in the hay. It seemed, in a brownish surface skeleton inserted fine jewelry and gold nuggets, and he sparkled. Now he could not move. I won. At last!

I grabbed the sledgehammer from the wall, lifted it over his head and prepared to hit the skeleton's head. I wanted to do away with it — once and for all.

CLICK ** **!

There was a sound like from hitting the metal. Then things got worse — the skull immediately began to grow!

"This is just give him strength!"

CLICK ** **!

I hit the skull again. He continued to grow! One disorder. What the hell is going on?

Someone who was watching from the sidelines, perhaps, a man from India or Southeast Asia, he suddenly asked me to stop kicking the skull. "Please, stop it, — he said. — He's almost gone. Your strikes only give it power! "

MORE THAN JUST A PART sleep duration

That was a key set in the incredible scenes dream about the Illuminati, is much more complex than I have shared here. The dream was so detailed and intense, to describe it would take dozens of pages. He ran a huge healing process through which I had to go through. Clearly the message was: If I opened a whole is extremely complex material on which to work, it would give the "negative elite" great publicity.

In the process, I would give publicity created fear, even if it was not in my intention. And, creating fear, I would have made them stronger.

I still can not write about these things

After thorough introspection and daily guidance, I realized that I can still write about such things. It just had to be done at a different angle, passing true hope and a positive message that I always get.

I'll share just one segment of the dozens of dreams that predict the imminent wave of global events in which the financial tyranny uprooted and put up for public display. Recently, I combined all the dreams in a single file. Some important provisions of the raw data, without any additional analysis or editorial board, has 54 pages.

Perhaps, I will publish them, if appropriate and if the leadership in dreams asked me to do it. But they are so plentiful, and the message is so clear, that is, now, the situation can not be resolved any other way.

Negative forces will definitely be on display at the grassroots level. Inevitable. But in the way things happen, I'm not sure. Probable is that it will happen before the end of this year. Will no longer lie traditional media. Will no longer be mass denial. It will be a grand event.

All solved

I clearly said that we first see something like a very frightening economic collapse, but we miraculously get through it unscathed fear is much worse than what is happening in reality. In essence, the key dream predicting the imminent economic collapse, have the same symbols as the dreams that I published in 1999, 2000 and 2001 and that led to a prophecy of September 11.

I also published the dreams advance predicting BP oil spill and the events in Fukushima. In both cases, many people predicted the worst, claiming that these events could destroy the world. I made a clear public prediction that we'll get through them safely. My dreams clearly and repeatedly described what happens and what we go through and survive as a planet.

Many people thought of me was too irresponsible to say that these events will not destroy us. But the ocean is in order, and the radiation levels are not reached the level that threaten to mass death. Frequency, timing and intensity of the dreams that I dream about since the beginning of September, higher than any major event that has ever been predicted in advance. This allows you to believe that we do not have to wait for a long time — not a long time — to see how things are starting to come true.


Apparently, from a higher perspective, now negative elite has a mathematical chance of defeat. In physical terms at their disposal, there are still some actions or tricks to which they could resort, but the result is the same. The result, in my opinion, will be strictly positive.

ERA Trek

Apparently, we will see a full disclosure of all the bad, to be followed or will happen at the same time amazing disclosure of other people visiting us throughout our history to help.

Appears and the abundance of technologies that can heal our planet and bring us into the era of Star Trek. These gadgets have been here for many years. They just kept very secret, threatening death to those who tried to uncover the truth.

The mathematical definition

For 20 years, I was convinced that these dreams have an uncanny ability to enter into future timelines. Apparently, there is no time line in which the negative elite would prevail. Not a one. They finished once and for all. This does not mean that people who are preparing to act, give up their plans.

Instead, I predict that, although they will still have resistance and some days the situation may seem crazy, all unfolds beautifully. I was so surprised to receive data indicative of the confidence in the result that felt that I did not need to participate in the battle. Moreover, that morning for the morning (especially in September) I got was this kind of guidance. Now I am telling you this because I finally reached clarity that is exactly what should be done.


At first I did not know, ask / allow you to write to me about these things again. I was not even sure if I should share dreams. Everybody wants me to write something new. My insiders submit evidence information obtained during sleep. And what would you do with it?

I had to step back and honestly ask yourself, "If I can not write about the financial tyranny and fight with these guys, what to do? How to help the best way possible? "To answer this question, I had to spend a lot of time," grounded "in nature — to take a long trip away from home.

The results of a long break amazing. I was already planning a way out of their familiar environment, but did not see why. I just knew that I had to this lead.

"Banff" in the Canadian Rockies

Now I'm in a long journey to the wild Canadian Rockies — specifically in Banff National Park in Alberta. Frankly, I think the most majestic Banff and spiritually strong areas in all of North America. That's why I'm here.

David Wilcock - Will 2012 the year of freedom?

Species resemble Swiss Alps, Patagonia Mountains in Peru and New Zealand, where the film The Lord of the Rings. Banff is widely advertised in Asia, so the tourists by 40% Asians, are unlikely to know about this place anyone in America.

David Wilcock - Will 2012 the year of freedom?

I knew nothing of Banff as long as did the "holy pilgrimage", hosted by Kevin Fitzgerald. If you look at the kinds of Banff, you will understand why it is so special. Photo at the beginning of this article — is Moraine Lake, where I spent five days. I also visited many places around Lake Louise.

Drawing upon the BIG PICTURE

The first time I came here to finish the Financial tyranny, puts me in a terrible stress. Also, I was in a complete book on stress research field of the source, but the end result made me happy. I managed to make a significant breakthrough on this front. So far I have made three different versions of page, to decide how best to introduce the topic, and finally made a choice, roaming the woods and enjoy beautiful mountains and lakes. As the energy of the land has helped me gain a sound sleep, which in turn led to an amazing diversity of prophetic dreams.


In addition, the dreams I have had in a very deep emotional clearing and healing. I was able to review all the most painful experiences, including current and achieve new levels of forgiveness and acceptance. Most of the experiences — personal, and let itself remains. However, in all honesty, I can say that I feel as though my shoulders fell off a huge emotional burden.

This was the climax — I was going through the biggest "crisis recovery. I had to work with many painful memories, including death threats, the tragic death of a friend in April and traumatic experiences that extend from childhood. At that time, the body does not have to warm up. Throughout the hour and a half teeth chattering, I dug into a pile of blankets, and constantly crying, trying not to create noise. If I was not allowed to knock the teeth, I would have started hyperventilating.

This happened to me only twice — at the beginning of this year. In those moments, I felt hopeless loneliness. Thank God, I have been through the "dark night of the soul" and not panicked. I knew it was inevitable, and I have to go through this. I gave vent to emotions and immediately felt a lot better.


Recently I had a very intense dream, endorses the healing process and convey meaningful message. He made it clear that you can live a life in two ways. You can make only two choices.

First choice — forgiveness, tolerance, love, acceptance, kindness and caring for others. In terms of the Law of One is the path of "Love", "service to others" or "positive polarity."

Second choice — treat others as to weaklings who deserve contempt, disgusting, and worthless. That is, to see themselves clearly above the others and do not care or worry about the feelings of others, to enjoy the benefit of others in itself. In terms of the Law of One is the path of "control", "service to self" or "negative polarity."


Dreams clearly showed that choose the path of Control is useless and destructive — for any reason — if you're not entirely become a mass murderer, psycho. If you choose this path, all that you do to others will eventually come back to you — with rigorous precision.

Personally, I was shocked at how many "karma" I still have to work to pay off debts accumulated in other lives, not even in this one. Dreams meticulously manage every step of the process. 99% of the people reading this site would say that I did a great job and went on a huge personal sacrifices in order to help the planet. But even so, I was very surprised at the amount of old karma that had to work to completely clean and pay off all the debts.

Given that I has gained a lot of positive karma in this life (in universal terms), I have shown what would have happened if I had not gone through the process.

Sociopathic TIMELINE

Immediately after cleaning again I made it clear that even the smallest choices towards the way "service to self" only lead to one logical outcome. If I'm not going to become a psychopath, there is no reason to make such choices. This does not mean that the "Control" — is bad or bad to help himself. The terms "path control" and "service to self" actually refer to the "manipulation and control over others for profit."

There are many of the behavioral characteristics of the classical characteristics inherent in the people who choose "left-handed way." This — narcissism, focus on yourself, the assignment of rights, jealousy, anger, selfishness, manipulation, criticism, impatience, pettiness and antisocial / criminal behavior.

Wheel of karma

Apparently, the most significant passage of the Law of One is: "Forgiveness — a stop on the wheel of karma." Forgiveness of others — is forgiveness itself. Once you master the miraculous gift to forgive, let go the need and desire to control the free will of the people and treat them as beings of infinite value, you are no longer tied to the "wheel of karma."

David Wilcock - Will 2012 the year of freedom?

"The wheel of karma" — that it continues to run until the person as long as choosing the way of control, even in the smallest degree. Each cycle begins with the wheel feeling that you are on "top of the world" and all strewn with roses. You above all, excited, full of energy and nothing can stop you. However, with every turn of the wheel it gets worse and worse, until you reach the "Dark Night of the Soul" or the feeling that "all is lost." Yet it is not the end of the wheel, but we can all feel that way, and resist it with all his strength.

For 20 years, I completely abstain from alcohol and drugs in order to avoid the darkest emotions. And I did it. The wheel of karma continues to rotate continuously as long as we are not fully in possession of the lessons of forgiveness. Then and only then can it stay on top and do not rotate.

Healing and Deliverance

Celebrating the twentieth anniversary of abstinence, on September 21, here in Banff, I talked to people. This led to a meeting with a remarkable man, get rid of dependence on the drug — heroin. Let's call him Max. Being a drug addict, he turned into a complete psychopath. If someone wanted to Max broke his arms and legs to the guy who owed him money in exchange for a dose, Max did. Max lied to anyone and steal everything they can from any person, whoever he was, and as it did not care about Max, just to "fly away". He slept, ate and lived in a dumpster, you to stand under the heater.

At gunpoint

Old school friend Max became a police officer. We call it the officer Warren. The officer knew what was happening, where there is Max and the threat it poses to society. A chilly winter morning, the container lid flew off and hit the light in the eyes of Max. First Officer Warren said only one word: "Get out." Max did not understand. After all, it was his old friend. — "Warren?" Warren repeated: "Everyone is sick to watch you kill yourself. Right now you either get up, sit in my car and went to rehab or I led away into the woods and you'll kill my same gun. No one knows what happened to you. "

"So, what do you choose — the officer asked Warren. — Do you want to live or die? Decide. Right now. "

Healing journey

Max was in a deep depression. He knew that he would have to suffer from the "break" — shaking and convulsions, at least five days in hospital, but he had no choice. Warren officer put him back in the car, leave the windows open (and it's cold in winter) and a half hours brought to a rehabilitation center. Technically, his intervention was not even legitimate and could cost him (police) badge, but he did it.

Clothing Max was so dirty that it had to literally tear off and burn it. It washed, cleaned, given breech clothes and placed in isolation. Of course, it broke, but he went through it. He went through the process of rehabilitation, cleansed once or twice broke from deep trauma, but again restored. The clock is ticking for him.


Communicating with Max, I spoke with a person who abstains from alcohol and drugs has been twelve years. I spoke to the man who once was a very cruel, calculating and mentally ill, do not accept any other God except his ego. Now he is — a quiet, sensible, very sensitive, loving creature. He is fully aware of its weaknesses and shortcomings as a human being, and at the same time, polite, kind and cares about other people — sometimes even to the point of absurdity. He still has problems with anger, frustration and intolerance, but the difference is very noticeable.

Traditional psychologists would say that psychopathy is not treated. Once you put someone such a diagnosis, it is the end. Psychologists give up. Now I've seen living proof that it is not so.

Max was surprised that I am clean for twenty years. "You do not have to take it on faith. Twenty years today could be a day tomorrow. " With a broad smile on his face he said, "It's getting better and better. That's what they do not tell you. If only I knew. " He shook his head and smiled even wider, "If only I knew."

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