Decorations with rubies — the brightest and sexy

Jewelery with rubies - the brightest and sexyIt is unlikely that there is a lady in the world, which would be flegmantichna to jewelry, especially with precious stones. Ruby is considered one of the finest and of favorite stones. After all, since ancient times believed that it brings fortune in love and symbolizes passion. Many poets devoted their poems this gem, praised him, believed that he not only brings fortune in love, and protect against various ills.

Many beautiful ladies prefer the spectacular scenery with a ruby, due to its saturated reddish color, which always attracts the eye for himself. At least some decoration with a ruby in the sun and blooms sparkling red rays. In addition, ruby just exposed a narrow cut that allows jewelers to create true works of art astounding and unearthly beauty.

By his own chemical composition of rubies are aluminum oxide. In addition, these precious stones consider varieties of corundum. Own color they have acquired through the chromium oxide, and received the title from the Latin rubeus, which means — reddish.

In particular, rubies are valued in India, in this country they even called the "king of gems". Generally ruby is a rare stone, its main deposits are in Burma, Thailand, Sri Lanka and Thailand. The most expensive and especially valuable rubies are spotless, reddish — "pigeon blood" with a little purple.

Since ancient times this stone reddish attributed to different medical characteristics, many believed that with the help of ruby can be multiplied by the brain and the courage of the heart. It is also believed that the scenery with rubies are able to accumulate and concentrate sexy energy.

Many jewelers prefer rubies and other precious stones. You can make a variety of jewelry with rubies, like gold and silver — rings, earrings, bracelets. You can use a combination of gold jewelry rubies and diamonds, the special charm of these products is due to the contrast. In any case, no doubt, that catchy shine of the stone always be enticed to return to you during sex.

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