Defense established the first Russian sports company

MOSCOW, March 29 — RIA Novosti. The Russian Defense Ministry has completed the formation of the sports company based CSK VVS Samara club, it will be held with about 150 people, said Friday the Russian Defense Ministry.


In early March, it was reported that the Defense Ministry will create four divisions, which will be held at the call of service to 400 athletes (Samara sportrota was the first of them). It is planned that sportroty on the recommendation of the Ministry of Sports will be selected conscripts who are candidates and members of the Russian national teams in Olympic sports. To revive the sport in the army company offered the head of Ministry of Sports Vitaly Mutko in November 2012.

"Sportrota will be completed masters of sports and candidate masters and owners of the places not less than the first adult. Military offices will be annually updated list of talented athletes of military age, and to submit proposals on acquisition of the sports division ", — the report says.

The newly established company is out of control, sports team on military-applied sports and Olympic sports, and sports platoon. Military athletes will represent the Central Military District and the Armed Forces in sports competitions at various levels.

In addition, earlier, Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said that considering the possibility of setting up a unit invented until the working title — "scientific mouths" — following the example of sports mouth. They will serve as the talented guys who, without leaving the university walls, will work together with the teachers to carry out the work that needed the Defense Ministry.

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