Defense has approved a new form of


In the area of Jürg Kemerovo region where frost is now under 40 in the afternoon, and at night for 40, ending combat tests of the new field form for the Russian army (voles — not to be confused with the mouse) to replace the one on fish fur, which put the army in the past, the Minister Defense just two years ago.

A new set of sewn in St. Petersburg, consists of seven layers — from underwear to be the warmest jacket. Total included 13 names. All this with a backpack. Total weight — 8,5 kg. In addition — insulated vest, gloves, green balaclava.

It works on the principle of "Gore-tex" — produce sweat, keep out moisture. Russian soldier uniform price, depending on the set — from 40 to 70 thousand rubles. According to the results of experimental socks in the Airborne and Special Forces units, the positive feedback.

I have in my hands (and our viewers see it first) is what is called 'ankle boots. " In fact, it's really high-quality winter boots — flexible, durable, warm (minus 40). Waterproof. In the fire does not burn. The same for men and officers. I want to wear! If the dismissal, and you can dance to.

Or the ear flaps. Velcro, warm, individual valves for headphones. Waterproof, too, "Gore-tex", oval shape — not for the wooden soldiers Urfin Deuce. Good under any helmet — steel or ceramic. Badge with star of our army. Rumor has crawled that the form would be like an American. No, the form will be ours, only better than the American. Well, what is an American?

For the rest of the press new uniforms of the Russian army will be presented next week. Wearing million men in our army will begin in 2013. The preliminary plan Shoigu has already approved.

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