Defense Ministry approved the state benchmark tests the D-27

  • The An-70 was the best engine in the world
  • The An-70 was the best engine in the world

In mid-April in Moscow awarded certificate of completion of the state engine test bench D-27, created by the State Enterprise "Ivchenko-Progress", FSUE NPTSG "Salute" and JSC "Motor Sich" for military transport aircraft An-70, which will be supplied to the Russian Air Force . Chairman of the State Commission of the Defense Ministry Colonel Vladislav Bruskov by military and technical support to the tests indicated that the propulsion system is ready to hold the state of flight tests as part of the An-70.
Russian military experts in the course of many months of careful inspection found that the main technical specifications and performance characteristics of the product Zaporozhye engine manufacturers meet the technical specifications Russian Air Force. Thus resolved, another long-standing problem on the Russian-Ukrainian project promising air transporter. About the engine, and its creators stringers "NVO" Catherine and Alexander Putilov Babakina said general designer of Zaporozhye design SOEs Igor Kravchenko.

— According to international, including the Russian experts, the An-70 in the class has no analogues in the world. This is the most innovative product of the Russian-Ukrainian. Does that mean that the engine has to be the best?
— We, the engineers and designers of the "Progress", are engaged in concrete actions. Therefore, the project say the An-70 is not only an objective opinion. The entire propulsion system of the new aircraft and our D-27 passed the state tests poster, signed the act. Identified and approved by the technical parameters indicate that we have created is currently the best in the world of motor for a new military transport aircraft. It is because of this engine plane has the best in the world economy, has the shortest landing distance and decades ahead of similar foreign developments. 
This promising Russian-Ukrainian aircraft, it seems, and now is the time to market in every possible way. The need for it is huge. Russia's state defense order for it already accounts for 60 cars. Mass production is scheduled to begin in 2014 on the KAPA the Gorbunov Kazan. And it will be conducted in cooperation with the Ukrainian aviation industry. Scheme of mass production has already been agreed by the Ukrainian side and started sending it to the required documentation.
Specifically, I note that, despite the support at the highest state level, the project AN-70 years literally hindered due to financial, political, and often personal reasons. Although Russia it is very profitable. Since the share of Russian companies in the value of the power plant is more than 70%. Its production involves 135 Russian aircraft engine industry enterprises. A total of six Ukrainian enterprises. But for some reason, as opposed to some of the new car Antonovskaya put the Il-476, which is definitely a good plane, but in different classes with the AN-70. His first modification took off 40 years ago, and the fuel consumption is 1.7 times more than the An-70 and he has such a unique take-off and landing performance, and such a number of cutting-edge technologies. For example, a power plant similar to ours, and foreign aircraft manufacturers suggest only create by 2020. And it's true. And here she is already on the wing.
I note that foreign concerns the new aircraft in its class can create and mass-produce only after 8-10 years. So we still have time to win a huge segment of the world aviation market. However, the project was hindered. But five years ago, the An-70 could no longer commercially produced and used. Engines can be made to it together in cooperation SE "Ivchenko-Progress", FSUE NPTSG "Salute", JSC "Motor Sich" and other enterprises. AN-70 can be successfully used not only as a military transport plane, but also as a very efficient machine in the civilian sector of freight. That is why the Russian-Ukrainian aircraft project should be fully developed and maintained in the two states. If you lose precious years, then we will avoid competition with their new Aircraft and motor products, and we will take years and huge amounts of money to create new more advanced products. If at that time for quite understandable reasons, still retain their scientific, engineering and manufacturing capabilities, and indeed themselves in the aviation industry of the two brotherly countries.
At present, the AN-70 have appreciated in the Air Force of Russia and Ukraine, in the offices of the military. Such aircraft need the military. They have repeatedly said this and said that the new aircraft and its engine is the best in its class, and this is confirmed by many international experts.
— We know that with limited means and opportunities to create new engine. Are all our plans implemented in the metal, whether Russian companies took part in a complicated and time-consuming research and design work?
— As you know, the D-27 was a lot of criticism on the part of certain forces, who for various reasons were not profitable appearance in Russia and Ukraine, such a promising product. And what's wrong with it, and allegedly specifications are far from the requirements of the customer. However, the engine has successfully passed the state benchmark tests. The Independent Commission of their customers carefully controlled. And signed an act that draws a line under all the arguing and talk about this engine. This is already an accomplished fact that it corresponds to this phase of the tactical and technical specifications.
Of course, the design work is not always possible to implement his plan in the actual product. Therefore, we will continue to develop this motor to increase its reliability, resource efficiency. I would say that it was originally laid opportunity for improvement, modernization. We already see the 3-5% increase in its efficiency, making itself more energy efficient new aircraft. In time for the engine, the An-70 is very much made famous in Russia and Ukraine leaders: the general director of Moscow's "Salute" (until 2010) Yuriy Eliseev, CEO of the Central Institute of Aviation Motors Vladimir Skibin, Armed Forces Chief of Armaments (1994 -2000 years), Colonel-General Anatoly Sitnov, president of JSC "Motor Sich" Vyacheslav Boguslaev. These and other recognized experts put soul into this project. So currently the D-27 tactical and technical characteristics of the world's best-in-class engine. It is objectively demonstrated during the difficult state tests.
— And what exactly is new and progressive introduced in this engine, making it the best?
— It just eight steps of the compressor 30 is provided by the compression ratio, which does not have analogues in the world, highly accelerated combustion chamber allows the emission levels of pollutants significantly lower standardized, engineered and manufactured by a unique weight and size of the drive gear coaxially multiblade rotor. The engine control system of the Russian applied last generation and hydraulic units. As a result of such a laborious and time-consuming design of the D-27 in terms of efficiency by 10% higher than the best models in the world engine building. Such motor Western designers can create no sooner than five to eight years. Our cooperation with Russian partners engine manufacturing technology advances overseas, will not be mistaken noting for seven or eight years. With such products have been jointly enter the world market. With this you can not hesitate. Otherwise fall behind the competi
I note that some sectors of Russia and Ukraine have such a huge advantage in technology and create a product like our D-27, which will be the An-70 by 10-30% more economical than any transport aircraft in the world. Dvigatelisty starting this year, will start to master batch production created by the engine. In 2014, we plan to release the first batch of engines. Only this requires a guaranteed order for the world's first military transport plane with a promising and cost-effective vintoventilyatornym engine, which was created jointly by the two states and national aviation industry.
— Does the new versions of the D-27 with improved performance?
— Of course. We are already discussing with experts CIAM create even more promising modification of the engine. The main thing now is wise to realize the existing scientific, technological and industrial potential, not to oversleep and useless not to spend it in idle talks and debates. Otherwise, for a low cost, will become the people's money to buy foreign aircraft and their engines, and thus will complain that, although at the time the first to develop such advanced airplanes, but, unfortunately, did not use the opportunities to implement them in the world markets. Such examples have mass.
With respect to the An-70, I note that there were forward-thinking forces and leaders, especially in the Defense Ministry, which, despite years of artificially created barriers were able to get the D-27 and let him pass in a promising project, An-70, for the development of frankly say that such facts. According to its flight characteristics of the Russian-Ukrainian An-70 is superior to similar foreign transporters, including the new European A-400M. Our machine below cost and operation cost. Maximum capacity Antonovskaya machine 47 tons, 37 European, and the volume of cargo cabin we have more to 85 cubic meters. And such an engine, as we have, as yet there is no overseas. That's worked together in a man-made obstacles, Russian and Ukrainian aircraft and engine manufacturers for the benefit of their peoples and states. After all, the An-70 and D-27 of the tens of thousands of high-tech jobs in our nation's aviation industry.

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