Defense Ministry ordered the development of radio equipment for the Ka-52K


Russian Radio Engineering Institute (RTI) Academician Mints commissioned by the Defense Ministry created a special apparatus which, in particular, allows you to control the helicopter landing on the helicopter type "Mistral", told RIA Novosti on Tuesday, deputy chief designer of the holding of "RTI" Vyacheslav Lobuzko.

"It creates an analog wideband radio communication" BREEZE "modifications to the marine combat helicopter Ka-52K. In addition to the high-speed data exchange, this equipment must solve navigation tasks — such as eg high-precision navigation and instrument landing Ka-52K helicopter on the type of "Mistral", as well as air traffic control air group of surface ships, "- he said.

Lobuzko said that these works are in the "RTI Academician Mints," which is part of the holding of "RTI".

In December 2011, the General Director of "RTI Academician Mints" Vladimir Savchenko, RIA Novosti reported on the conclusion of an agreement with the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation on the serial delivery devices "BREEZE" for the Ka-52 and its modifications. He explained that this instrument allows, in particular, to transfer video from a helicopter in real time, remotely take control solutions aviation group and the use of air weapons, as well as to monitor the results of their application.

The Ka-52 "Alligator" — Russia's newest multi-purpose helicopter. It is a further development of the model of the Ka-50 "Black Shark". Army aviation command vehicle, carrying out reconnaissance, indications of purpose and coordination of attack helicopters, capable of hitting armored vehicles, aerial targets. "Maritime" modification of the helicopter — the Ka-52K — will be placed on helicopter "Mistral", the first of which entered service of the Russian Navy in 2014.

The maximum speed of the Ka-52 — 350 miles per hour, range — 1.2 thousand kilometers altitude — 5.5 thousand meters of climb — 10 meters per second. The crew — two people, the pilot and navigator.

According Lobuzko, now has completed full-scale tests of the "Breeze" on surface ships of the Northern Fleet. He noted that the results of these tests are now being upgraded on-board terminals that will be placed on surface ships and will manage the interaction of surface ships and helicopters in the group.

Deputy principal designer of "RTI" adding that in the third quarter holding started to develop electronic equipment for unmanned aircraft systems aircraft type.

JSC "RTI" — Russia's largest industrial holding company specializing in radio engineering, rocketry, as well as communications systems and security. The holding company, in particular, includes JSC "RTI Academician Mints", JSC "SPC NIIDAR", JSC "Saransk Television Plant", JSC "OKB Planeta", JSC "Dubna Machine-Building Plant" and other enterprises. Holding is a manufacturer and supplier of radar stations of the "Voronezh", which by 2020 will form a Russian perspective system of early warning of missile attack.

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