Defense Ministry ordered two marine tankers

"Rosoboronpostavka" ordering agency of the Ministry of Defense of Russia, has placedorderto supply two average sea tankers project 23130. Under the terms of the tender, the court shall be transferred to the Northern and Pacific Fleet in November of 2014 and November 2015, respectively. Amount of a possible transaction estimated at 322.8 million rubles.

As expected, the winner will be announced June 20, 2013. According to the description of the application, the financing of the transaction will be carried out over three years (2013-2015), the supplier will be transferred 107.6 million rubles every year. The Navy tankers will be used for logistic support ships and submarines, diesel fuel, fuel oil, jet fuel, engine oil, water and food.

The vessel project 23130 is 130 meters, width — 20 m, draft — seven meters and displacement — 12,000 tons. Vessel's deadweight with seven meters is about 7.5 million tons. Tankers can carry up to three tons of heavy fuel oil, 2.5 million tons of diesel fuel, 500 tons of aviation fuel, 150 tons of lubricating oil, a thousand tons of water, one hundred tons of food and a hundred tons of equipment and spare parts. All of the above is part of the deadweight.

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