Defense Ministry received new electrical lab

Ltd. "ElektroLab" has finished shipment of 46 laboratories for the Ministry of Defense.

At the end of September last ETL-35KP were delivered to the customer.

The contract with the Ministry of Defence took place in December 2011. Following the production of ETL, during May — September was a military inspection machines.

Electrical mobile ETL-35 can be mounted on the base vehicles Gazelle, GAZ, ZIL, PAZ, Volkswagen, Mercedes, Peugeot and other cars both domestic and imported, with the same dimensions and provides the following types of work:

  • test cable insulation and other devices and appliances fixed and variable (50 Hz), high voltage;
  • testing of electrical facilities at low voltage;
  • measurement of transformers;
  • determine the capacitance and dissipation factor of electrical facilities at voltages up to 10kV.

ETL-35 can resupply ELF device for testing the insulation of the cables "cross-linked" polyethylene and installation to determine the breakdown voltage of transformer oil and other liquid dielectrics

Supply of electrical laboratories in the amount of 46 units — is the largest contract for the supply of ETL in the company's history, "ElektroLab" and the largest one-time contract for the supply of laboratories in the industry.

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