Defense Ministry will purchase 65 Yak-130 to the end of November


The Ministry of Defence of Russia in the next two weeks will conclude with Aircraft Corporation "Irkut" contract for the combat-training aircraft Yak-130. On this, as reported by RIA Novosti, said Russian Air Force Commander Alexander Zelin said. Under the terms of the perspective of the transaction, the Russian Air Force will have to get 65 aircraft, delivery of which will be completed in 2017. Amount of the contract Zelin did not elaborate.

In mid-October, the First Deputy Minister of Defense of Russia Alexander Sukhorukov said that because of the protracted in the current year contracts with the enterprises of the defense-industrial complex, the execution of the agreements, the state defense order in 2011 postponed to 2012. In particular, they talked about the supply of the Yak-130, and the third and fourth sets of regimental anti-aircraft missile systems S-400.

The Russian Defense Ministry in the current year for a long time failed to agree on the price of defense products with this industry. The cost of 65 Yak-130 was estimated at 30 billion rubles. It was planned that 11 cars will get Russian Air Force until the end of 2011. In early September, the head of the Corporation "Irkut" Alexei Fyodorov said that to ensure the timely delivery of Yak-130 can be converted and transferred to the Air Force six aircraft, previously destined Libya.

Double combat training aircraft Yak-130 is designed Yakovlev design bureau commissioned by the Russian air force pilots training for front-line aircraft, as well as the fifth generation of fighter pilots. The Yak-130 has a high maneuverability, can reach speeds up to 1060 kilometers per hour and is equipped with modern avionics. In the combat equipment of the Yak-130 can carry missiles, bombs and gun pods weighing up to three tons.

Zelin also said that the Russian Defense Ministry intends to purchase a "Irkut" 28 Su-30cm. The contract will be concluded in 2012. In the same year, the Russian Air Force expect to receive the first two aircraft. According to Zelin, the exact number of fighters to be bought at the "Irkut" not yet determined.

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