Defense planned to purchase 10 Yak-130UBS and signed contracts for the production of SLBMs Mace

Last year, the Russian Defense Ministry signed a contract for the supply of ballistic missile "Bulava" with a due date to 2020. This was announced by Alexander Sukhorukov, First Deputy Minister of Defense of Russia. He said that the test of this missile system was successfully completed in 2011, and is preparing a draft decree of the President of Russia taking "Bulava" by the Navy of the Russian Federation. However A.Suhorukovym was not named the exact date when the missile system will be adopted by the Navy. Also, they were not given any clarification on the adoption of the fleet at the same time with the "Bulava" SSBN "Yury Dolgoruky", which is her regular nositelem.Na today at shipyard "Sevmash" in various stages of readiness are two SSBN "Northwind" — " Vladimir Monomakh "and" Alexander Nevsky ". In 2012 it is planned to establish a fourth SSBNs of the same project. Thus, 2020 will be built 8 SSBNs. The Deputy Minister also said that the Russian Defense Ministry plans to sign a contract for an additional delivery of 10 Yak-130. Earlier, the MORF already signed a contract to supply 55 aircraft of this type. In addition, the War Department was contracted to supply the Air Force Russia 28 MiG-29K/KUB. This year, the Russian Army will go 120 helicopters and one divisional set of S-400.

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