Defense presented the logo Army of Russia

Friends! As you probably know, the Ministry of Defence now chooses new brand of Russian Army.

And the public is not going to no one sovetayu. As was said at the meeting of the "Internet is endless — the answer can not wait to pick themselves."

The options presented are not only that terrible from a visual point of view, so also is the dreaded carbon copy of the American Army. We do not want to admit that such an option was selected, because our armed forces — this should be our pride. It is necessary that advertisements and other materials appeared appropriate manner, not like now.


But we do not just decide to oppose, and offered his vision of …

The main theme song is selected Shield. Slavic Kite Shield. A symbol of what our army defensive, always protect the weak. Very bright image.

The second way — the emblem of the Army of the Russian Empire

Third — Red Star, a symbol of Soviet Army.

Together they form a new symbol that represents the unity of the whole of Battle Glory of our country.

Let's conveyed to all that as it may look like the emblem of our army! Click I like and tell your friends!

It is necessary to make this information!

You people need their own country.

Friends, please read the topic, which includes!

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Receipt and consideration of citizens,
Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

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Receipt and consideration of citizens,
to the President of Russia.


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