Departing from Afghanistan, we have taken the war to a

Departing from Afghanistan, we have taken the war to aThe French are considered the founders of the military historiography, is sophistry: "Professor, you did not say anything about the meaning of the French Revolution?" — "Excuse me more about it soon … read»

20 two years back lit train arrows of fate last fighter with blue Afghan medals on uniforms. During this time, we were eyewitnesses of mixing time: not yet clarified the fate of 300 missing persons of our fellow citizens, not name shuravi, rose in revolt in the Pakistani camp Badaber, and "armchair scientist" for all have already decided everything. The Afghan decade put bold purple stamp: anger, loss, accident … Is that all? Retain in memory undeniable, confirmed by sight and hearing. With the rest wait.

ROSARY "faithful" shuravi

Year 1988. Near Shindand. In passable Russian language vitiystvuet Afghan Darvish tied at the waist with a medal "For winning the stateliness Russian war." Perhaps, the only member of her beau of living and Afghans. His "Whacking" in 1944, by mistake, when he stayed in-law in Tajikistan, Russian: "You came to postpone a huge war with the Pashtun Afghan Tajiks. Stay here longer. If the war is not over, taking her with me. "

The precipitating divisional-political department of the Chechen enlisted servicemen: "Understand, I have five daughters, neither the 1st successor. I wish to adopt a kid from Herat orphanage. This is my international duty. " Not given because of health differences here and in the Union. Where are you, Sergeant? Do not put your successor suicide bomber's belt?

Night gorge while holding fire dushman Russian column. Flailing nervous tremor machine with rotating blades. According to the map, sit down here is unreal. Induced by a helicopter spotlight randomly interrupted dots-dash scurrying figures and stretchers. A small silhouette of the halo headset: "All of them? Cover the fire. Take off. " Cool and seems to be no one, apart from God, is not accountable to the surgeon looks at the clock with a bloody face: rubber gloves — to the wrists. How many lives will fit in seconds?

From the Chronicles of the same day or.

Fuel truck on fire. In the cockpit throws blond sergeant. Taxiing from the column and presses, presses on the gas. Averted. Fighter rolling on the sand. Knocks down the flames … Then there was my creative notebook entry: "Not yet become sharps!"

On the roadside outpost in razgildyayski "escaped" single besides virtually unarmed armored personnel carriers: up to 40 km of the native garrison, always got away and now come … stalled on night road. Tried to call the rescue. Or have time, or not. The car was surrounded by spirits came down from the mountains — a lot of perfume. I had to batten down the hatches, doors: that would be such a team came from the outpost. Spirits knock on the armor, began to kindle her firewood. Sergeant takes commander's decision — shoot the entire crew. The last shoots himself. After a while suitable revenue. Pumped 1st Sgt. Weak, Hollywood?

By the way, in the vicinity of this story — the solution: why not for the entire Afghan captured neither the 1st Western mercenary. A squad of "stork", for sure, a very trusted shaped as letters Russian military regulations. Because it is reasonable reasoned that the distance between the head and the main camp outpost column can not be in the 70 km … Head "storks" burned alive, with no doubting that in their hands the whole column. Even tried to seep inside the burned cars. And then came the main forces … Could someone from shuravi conceive of even a string of the Geneva Convention on the rules of war and even less about any prisoners there? When things calmed down, some of Orientalist thought of erudite give the team — sorry, moralists — remove the remains of the "stork" pants. Occupied in the middle of them almost was not, well, belishko — oh what a non-native. Show the world so politically necessary to prove the ability was not. Gorge. Prior to the coming non-hazardous for the helicopter pad 100 km. And the heat is over 50. So there were no policies and mourning, I'm sorry, Lord, we, vicious …

"For Whom the Bell Tolls?"

As for the officers' mess raise the third toast, memory takes me back at the past ranneafganskomu — translation grant, in Kandahar valley October 26, 1988 … Sobbing on the steps of honey "pills" boy-soldier in a torn blue shirt — more scared than hurt. His patience calms "hunting" Ensign hefty cigarette-paramedic. Desperate, he thrashes the kid kick in the knee — first one, after another, "See, the feet are … Show me where it fell? Means and hands are intact. " Ensign flexes the elbow, brings under his breath sobbing "internationalist": "What's that?" In response, a smile and a grimace again. "And here it is — no longer see. It got? "OH — is the one who lies at the rear axle. Between him and the wheel — the broken windshield. From the preserved sticker: stewardess in white gloves and a scarf invites tender in flight. Under the bloody tarp? Phantasmagoria: on scarves scattered curls stuck together …

No, it is of some unusual plays.
Of pre-or post-war films.
Can not easy scarf stewardess
Remind bloody tarp.
Own the third toast I raise in memory of — under a tarp …

In late 1988, the command of the 40th Army was ordered to prepare a suitable martyrology by the end of the war. Deadline, as usual, yesterday. Have been raised in the headquarters of all the available archives. Overstrain phones direct communication with Moscow and Tashkent — the headquarters of the Turkestan okrestnost.Kadroviki and mobisty, voenkomatchiki and doctors sometimes forget about subordination, shamelessly mater each other. A week later, the list of non-performing and sanitation (wounded) losses with weighty application reports, inquiries, investigations and materials with a serious stamp of secrecy has been enclosed in a folder Boris Gromov, commander of the report for the "big shuravi" — the head of the task force of the USSR Ministry of Defense Army General Varennikov. And then came the sensation: the first and almost the only press conference for accredited foreign journalists in Kabul chief political commissar of the group Varennikova — General Lev Silver Outdoor referred to the loss: 13,650 dead. So that, in the 1-x, to clarify is becoming the "official" information about the "ruined framework of the 10-thousand." In-2, to mobilize the commanders in the bloodless withdrawal: and so — there is so much lost. Confirming the previously killed for no one pat on the head, I note that the last have had a corresponding effect. The output was then virtually no losses. Testify as an officer, who had a complex relationship to the negotiating harvest season. With many gang leaders on the western route of withdrawal. Was that the final list? No, of course. February 15, there were still three months. Was not entirely clear to lay off a dead already in store and in civilian clinics. Later dubbed the number of missing persons and prisoners: exactly 333.

DOSKAZHEM story to end …

So, with the Afghan theme was declassified. Have read about the war openly, without bad euphemisms like "the organization of training fights in the criteria close to reality" and almost posthumous awards "All-Army foremost sociali
st competition." Had to be reconstructed and television "storytellers, willy-nilly." Especially when Leszczynski not have, sometimes, to let the gate garrisons.

End of the war coincided with the period of masochistic self-exposure, and even meanness. Where did the fighter, the next day to take Care caravans, found themselves not only tsereushno-benladenskie version of "Red Star", and completely Russian leaflets on the subject: take his coat, and went home? Say, you get to Moscow, come in or call — we will help. And under the leaflets were signed by, oh, what the politicians recognizable. Note that the press-products of this kind are usually "not transferred comrades" and burned in a heap on the spot, often without the intervention of someone should. Later the same sostradaltsy took unblemished leaves and meticulously filled one side. The reverse. It remained: looting, desertion, but bullying.

After reading the "a" and append "b." How much memory when commanders without any instructions staged "shakedown" to soldiers returning from a raid. Remembering where in the pocket at the lad took hours doskazhem story to end. Where the foreman, where the company commander deduced guy down the line for an impromptu parade. Then the media "battle trophy" sent for Pudov stone. At the same time, not always near a ravine. Without giving time for a smoke, the guy drove for such a second kamenyugoy. And later forced to put a watch on one stone and kill others. Remained indifferent to the sight, believe me, slightly …

There were deserters. But do not forget the Tashkent shipment. It too often precipitated by the fugitives. Their other garrisons. They asked me to bring the war. One such "magician Copperfield" managed to get to the other costs — Kabul, where he surrendered to the army spacey Themis, not even presenting a military ID card, and pripisnika certificate and a certificate of course completion for a service dog. "It was a boy at the time the eighteenth year." And before the call was still at least 6 months. The first circulating anomie Man returned home.

As for bullying, and here the words of the song you can not throw: in fact, none of the last of the "Afghan" call-up "battle" is not walking. "Santa" is not allowed. Straight to the point that "build" is not zealous lieutenants.

Against the background of the first perestroika Congresses sounded and such trenchant topic: say, thrashed by his … Many former "Afghans" remember how in 1987, a helicopter pilot, by the way, the offspring are popular commander, in the confusion of battle gave his volley at the same paratroopers. Later tried to shoot himself. Returned to the Alliance. Decommissioned and drunk. Was. It was both. During the 1 st of the bloodiest battles in the history of the Afghan war — in November 1988 near Kishkinahuda, Helmand province, a platoon commander Lieutenant Potter, an ordinary medical instructor Abdurahmanov and above ordinary Semashko 3:00 fetched from the scorching heat of the dead crew of the tank … Stands in memory of the report and has already accepted the grizzled chest Lieutenant, "exploded boeukladki … cape-tent was not useful … took one machine. For 10 years the Afghan was created really fighting union — 40th Army. Already on the withdrawal of UN observers Western meticulously photographed soldiers "bells and whistles" on leaving the Alliance fighting vehicles. Is not this the army so we did not have in the upcoming? Saying goodbye is a Kushka April night in 1989, on his own with the 5th Guards Division, I'm sure, a very vigilant watch forced to think-"non-Afghans", guarding the divisional banner. In the silence of the empty-sounding staff already with a suitcase in hand, I walked up very tightly to the glass case with a banner, knelt, stood up, gave the honor …

"And his eyes were watering for some reason …"

February 15, 1989, I was involved in the evacuation of UN observation post adjacent to the Russian Kushka Afghan village Turagundi: located in the first post of the borders of the former import-export office. The duties of UN personnel was to officially certify the "cessation of residence status of foreign troops" on the western route of their withdrawal. Turkmen Kushka, in contrast to the Uzbek Termez, onto which the main forces of the 40th Army, led by Army Commander Gromov, the emblem of the end of the Afghan campaign, and therefore did not.

The morning of February 15 was preceded by nervous sleepless night. The other day, in the evening UN personnel were asked to head for the western route — zamkomandarma-40 General Pishcheva — to strengthen the protection of the observation point: by his own band, they kind of got a warning that the result could be a problem. What are the general, the least concerned about diplomacy nasupleno threw "a coward or what? Look, look, the coming tower — 500 meters "(in fact — a kilometer-plus). Later, a little kinder, nodded at me, "Are you a major. What is not protected? Let's … "

Shooting really did not stop until the morning. Most likely, because shuravi goodbye to Afgan, not the Mujahideen — with shuravi. Generally speaking, who among Afghans — for whom, at the time it was hard to find. Praise be to Allah, the actual control Turagundi some time already produced local "treaty", Turkmen, refers to shuravi better than to have to "federal" host.

Departing from Afghanistan, we have taken the war to aHow young they were … Officers Kandahar special forces (Fig. mid 80-ies).
Photo from the book "Tragedy and Valor of Afghanistan."

"Federal" watchmen at the main post thought about for myself and could go where it's warm. So, I must say, it happened last night. All we can do is to lock the doors, windows and down in a semi-WC: decided that the walls of the booths will play — in which case — Bullet catcher role. Nonsense, of course, but how to calm yourself? There, behind the desks and brought on the couch who whiled away the time as. UN personnel for the tenth time to repack their belongings, separated from their 2-species treasury: and gets handed over to the Afghans themselves — so that the radio receiving removed before the actual departure. I frantically fatalist wrote poetry. Along the way, finished off a couple of packs of cigarettes: first of any "brand", later NC, in other words, issued together with rations — "Hunting" … For 6 cents.

… Somewhere in the 9.20 — 9.30 on a route past the last post of UN truck rumbled technical fault our last column. Unlike the head with banners such as "Meet, Fatherland, sons," and "I came back, mother!" Last car is decorated amateur inscription: "Leningrad Vsevolozhsk": sure, there called up last Private shuravi, who left the Afghan Kushka across the river. Afghan watchmen — seven people — lazily pulled up to the "post" 9 o'clock. At the same time, almost immediately after the release of our latest machines have become very aggressively seek from me "farewell baksheesh" — in the form of an automaton CSSA. The mood is also raised, although most "ribbon" was only 400 meters. However, they were later shifted focus to be handed UN utensils: stoves, utensils, bedding. So on the Afghan bank of the 50-meter river Kushka for the impenetrable veil of snow, except for the Afghans, were three "extra": the two UN personnel and me. W
atchmen down "master", "our" cellar. There was silence, I must say creepy. Neuzh something in a whirlwind of trouble last just forgotten about us?

But no: there are at 9.50 from the border because of the snow curtain emerged two cars — "UAZ" and behind the half-empty "Ural". Stalled in the UN post, submitted his back to the porch, and jumped out of the "UAZ" low dense Major caught me with a request to find a rabid sheet. Here the running board "Urals" jumped the traditional Russian ensign. Apparently, getting a thrashing for the fact that time has not taken away The UN belongings, he does not with the "good" mate started with the drivers to load, faster than observers encouraged than embarrassed. On the porch post is about three hours there were 3 to 4 large boxes and how many suitcases we took turns guarding. UN personnel — they were Fijian Army Colonel Alfred Tuatoko and Canadian Major Douglas Mair — led by strong Ensign helped "scaffold" with no apparent understanding of his own involvement in the fact of history.

Who and why handy sheet that I realized quickly and automatically entered into negotiations with the Afghan guards. They meanwhile pulled out of a basement box with utensils, papered with posters branded tape UNGOMAP — United Nations Good Office Mission in Afghanistan and Pakistan — the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Agreed, I remember, on a pack of "Winston", owned by a Canadian, not that I mean, but this pack, I specifically expropriated from him. Do not beheld as the "Ural" just as quickly disappeared into the snowy mist. The brain has fixed something like: "You will find us on the helipad."

Approximately five of us set off at 10.00 am: on the front driver's seat and the Major with a sheet in a great big gloves, it seems to airfield composition, in the back — both UN personnel and me. The last memory of the then Afghanistan: the dry old border guard, wrapped in an old-fashioned English overcoat. Without looking up, he calmly ate something from duralumin pots sitting in black, red and green barrier, do not fall for the last two weeks. On my "Hafez's bad! — A Farewell to Afghanistan! "He reluctantly looked up from under his cap with a broad greenish edging. Meters through 20 are in the neutral zone, in other words at the most, "ribbon", the car famously suspended Russian colonel, and Middle Eastern appearance, as it turned out, the director of the majestic nature. Look, this episode was the picture! It was he who took the Major with a sheet on the snow-covered road. A short distance away from the colonel stood with a camera, maybe his driver. Following the Major came out the other. After welcoming the UN personnel, by the way, in French colonel with dignity, I would have said, with relish, spread — the benefit was not a snowstorm — a sheet for our "UAZ". We, the Russian-Soviet, without any commands almost immediately wiped it on his feet. The colonel said something obscenely-scathing, such as: "Well, folks, it seems, the war is over!" This is the word we complements almost every emotion. Sheet remained lying in the snow …

The Colonel and Major, your photographer and our driver, hurrying somewhere, went to the Russian shore. 50 meters to the border with the UN personnel cordoned off the area we walked. In front of a snowy shroud contours of the surging crowd — a hundred and fifty people. Our border guards, hand in hand, trying to contain it. Where there! When left to their already fifteen meters, a group of men in camouflage broke toward us, boldly knocked on the snow a few border guards from the broken chain. Pushing me from UN personnel, they vied with each other asking, "What are you — the last one?" He shrugged, "Probably." It turned out it's the guys from Dnepropetrovsk club international soldiers. Some of them, in December 1979, on the first went into Afghanistan. They wanted an hour before the output again "go behind the ribbon" at least a meter, so that later in conjunction with the last "Afghan" to return to Kushka. Not allowed … Hugs, cameras, voice recorders, some inappropriately-bravura music …

Dissonance against this nervous, spontaneous and sincere ceremony sounded energetic inquiries mourning kind ladies, 'What carts would not be? "Someone had spread a rumor that will lead healthy through Termez, and the wounded and patients will carry through the" invisible "Kushka. About forty ladies came from different places of the Union — and suddenly lying funerals and live offspring, spouse or brother. And now faces look pretty young lady in expensive fur coat and with a gleam in the eyes of a schizophrenic, "You — Reddish of the cross? (Apparently, the analogy with the UN personnel), I tell you the truth, when lucky freaks? "Her cilia along with snowflakes melted away the last hope of the human race.

And then — the most responsible, the most memorable phrase that had a chance to translate for my Interpreter fate. On appeal, the issue of UN personnel after withdrawal of Canadian troops responded dryly observes: «The best of my knowledge, on the Western axis of Afghanistan no Soviet troops remained — as I understand, on the western axis of the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, Russian troops remain" … Previous and later I happened to translate the many recognizable faces, including Clinton, Princess Diana, Najibullah, Jiang Zemin, Mengistu … But I mastered the phrase seems to be on the 3rd breath. Larynx fell lumpy. The clock on the calendar was 10.20 15fevralya 1989.

An hour later, the other with a small bridge — Termez — cross the armored commander Gromov. And here in Kushka first encountered from the Russian coast of Journalists (with Central Television) received a copy of the documentary memory of my poems. In it the following lines:

Sheet crumpled sheet:
Forget about everything —
Just the time has come vorachivatsya.
Snow naive and pure.
He is completely weightless.
And for some reason my eyes are watering …

EPILOGUE with the continuation of

Now so easy to succumb to the apparent exhaustion of the Afghan theme. Whirlwind of events in recent years has dispelled pathos TRIBUNE rhetoric "prevent" and "his sight." No one gets up in the library queue for "zinc boys." For anyone password "shuravi" became a pass into the circle of wealthy, for anyone — in 'brother. For most — it's not just nostalgia for youth. This is a clear sign to all the post-war generations of yore "edinoverstva", which came together in the coveted and superficial, and the highest fine. Afgan — this is one of the few remaining old-time with the general ideological scale, when in the heat of battle in Karabakh or Prednestrove required truce on neutral "height" directed MPs from the former "Afghans".

And long years February 15, almost all families come alive in the present day Union will raise the third toast. Standing. Silent.

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