Development of Russia did not want to meet with the Creator of the Universe

January 31, 2013 1:49

Russian officials denied the construction of the center to meet with Jesus, Buddha, Moses, and Mohammed.

Moscow, January 30. Ministry of Economic Development has refused to allocate land for the construction of the Embassy for a meeting with the aliens. The request for assistance in the construction of the center meeting newcomers to the Russian government asked raelitov movement, RBC reports.

Members of the movement raelitov believe that Christ, Moses, Buddha and all the great prophets were from the advanced civilization of aliens, which they call the Elohim. It is they who, according to the followers of the teachings, have created our world and should arrive back to us no later than 2035. To arrange a fitting welcome to our creators raelitov appealed to the heads of the world powers, including the Russian President Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. The Russian authorities are requested to provide land for the construction of the Embassy of the Elohim in the world. "Millions of pilgrims from all over the world come to pay tribute to the founders of our religions," — said raelitov. All expenses for the construction of the center and the infrastructure they were ready to take over.

However, the Ministry of Economic Development of the idea was accepted without the enthusiasm and wrote a rather dry response. "The provision of land for the construction of the land owned by the state or municipal property, is authorized bodies in the manner prescribed in Articles 30-32 of the Land Code of the Russian Federation", — the letter says.

Raelitov movement was founded in 1973 by a French rider Claude Voriyonom. According to him, in that year, he met the aliens in the desert, who showed him the cave in which live clones of Christ, Moses, Buddha and Muhammad. Followers of the movement see the main problem in the development of human cloning and the creation of artificial people. Raelitov argue that successful at cloning people in secret laboratory in Canada. Some studies movement raelitov classified as a totalitarian sect.

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