Diary of a Writer: The Stolypin necktie

There is a perception: a trace in the history of measured figure of lives. The more destroyed, the more entered his name in the books. Truly, Beria know better Tsanava and Franco petty thief next to Hitler.

Other people's heroes

My homeland is still tormenting someone else's dreams, other people's characters haunt. Mostly heroes tormentors. Tormented official: why do we have in the former royal city, they present the Cheka — Uritzky, Svyardlov, Dzerzhinsky, the NKVD at all obscenities and Oprichnina famous while generally not fixed? And you want to surprise everyone with an official … Your eyes will not believe: on the agenda of the plaque — to whom do you think? The author stalypinskogo tie!

Immediate superiors wanted to perpetuate the amusement of the king Grodno Prime Minister and Minister Interior Stolypin. Like, there is nothing to grumble: when he was hanged by making the notorious "Stolypin ties" are not three thousands of people, as always write, but only six. Feel the difference! Only six — according to official figures!

What has this to Grodno? It turns out he was governor here. So what? Little did the king's governor? Are all boards to hang? Walls are not enough. The main thing — for what? For that Belarusians to defuse the situation, to avoid a riot, he carried away as much in Khabarovsk Krai, again, "Stolypin cars"? It is clear that all of them were us Russians.

For the "friendship of peoples"?

By the way, Stolypin and the year in Grodno did not go totally random for the city people. Sincere fans like to repeat today Stolypin's quote: "They need great upheaval, we need a great Russia." Yes, he liked to say, "I — a staunch monarchist," supporter "Russian national principles." And why are the authorities so wanted today ethe man nail plate at the Grodno castle?

In fairness: Stolypin understood that the Tsarist empire in the form of fossil can not survive, he even planned to establish a Ministry of nationalities, spoke of the need for full equality, regardless of who you are and where you go to pray. In short, he was a monarchist, as the rest of the royal bureaucracy, but with a more modern outlook. So perhaps for that he deserves a bonus we?

Muravevski tie?

By the way, do a little Russian understate the authorship of Stolypin. They first think of the "muravevski tie" — "shybenichnuyu loop", named for General Murav'eva, known as the "hangman". Next — about stalypinskogo — casually referred — "the same."

In short, Stolypin just a good student Muraveva also Grodno governor. Muravevskaya street was a royal Grodno very large, modern. Apparently, this "misunderstanding" that the old name is not returned: now it is a street writer Eliza Ozheshko.

Boards are different. Stolypin? One, two, and voila! So be sure. After all want to make the anniversary of the royal province, little time is left. Constantine Kalinouski board? This is because the fellow who hung Ants? It's too suspicious character! Kalinowski also hanged himself, do you? A smoke without fire! But that's your decision, the city fathers: a plaque to the national hero of Belarus on the wall of the house where he was staying. The 1995 decision …

It was a Nieman uplylo into the Baltic Sea, and there is no signage! But on the agenda of the provincial celebration of the anniversary of the loud, distinctive sign is prepared to reward the best people. But that's what — is still the province or region?

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